Banckle has Added Skype-Click-to-Call Support in Banckle.Helpdesk App

During the month of July 2014, Banckle has added new features, made improvements and fixed bugs in all of their applications.

Online PR News – 20-August-2014 – Lane Cove, NSW – Banckle has added new features to their applications during the month of July 2014 and have also made some improvements in their previous features and fixed bugs which were reported by users.

Below is the list of new features and improvements added to all Banckle applications.

- Banckle.Chat App

List of new features:

- Banckle live chat app now allows you to assign different icons to departments you have created.
- Banckle live chat app now allows you to check the device of your website visitors and can send proactive and automatic chat invitation to the visitors based on the device they are using if they match the criteria you have set.
- Banckle live chat allows website visitors to send an offline message to website owners. Banckle now enable you to verify visitor email address before they leave offline message so you can contact them back successfully.

List of Improvements

- Banckle has increased the range of date for upto 60 days to read reports for paid customers.
- Users can now better reflect chat trends in different time slots.

- Banckle.Meeting App

List of new Features

- Banckle online meeting app now support WebRTC which allow you to held online meeting and webinars in a complete HTML5 based environment.
- Developers can now add Banckle cloud API for online meeting in their own applications using WebRTC support.

List of Improvements

- Banckle has added tool-tip option in Banckle online meeting application interface to show the list of browser which supports WebRTC.
- Opera browser users can now conduct online meeting sessions with WebRTC option.

- Banckle.CRM App

List of new Features

- Banckle CRM app now allows paid users to receive email notification for all the contacts added using contact capture form
- Banckle has added tags to all inbox and sent email messages to show the mailbox they are connected to.

List of Improvements

- Banckle has made improvements to email editor in Banckle.CRM

- Banckle.Helpdesk App

List of new Features

- Banckle now allow helpdesk users to make Skype Click-to-Call to their customers. They can also store call history and add important notes to their call

List of Improvements

- Banckle in-app connection feature allow users to export contacts from Banckle.Helpdesk to Banckle .CRM

- Banckle.Email App

List of Improvements

- Banckle.Email App now allows you to send and receive emails from your custom domain even if you don’t have you own web host. All you need is a domain, permissions to change DNS records and you are ready to use you domain as a web host.

Overview: Banckle

Banckle is a new communication and collaboration platform that is aimed at businesses, enterprises and developers. The aim of this cloud platform is to let every single member within any team connect with his colleagues, and carry out all the necessary operations for completing any task that is pending. Banckle provides its users with many features and capabilities such as online CRM, helpdesk platform, email solution etc. For its part, communication is made possible in more ways than one - Live Chat, Online Meeting, Helpdesk Support, CRM - these are all supported. Banckle Apps Suite is also accompanied with a set of APIs that lets developers create new applications by interacting with single or multiple Banckle Apps and borrow some of its features. Currently APIs are available for the Live Chat, Online Meeting and File Sharing apps.

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