Get Eating Disorder Treatment At Delray Recovery Center, Florida

Delray Recovery Center, Florida is offering quality eating disorder treatment by launching an eating disorder package for people suffering from anorexia or bulimia.

Online PR News – 03-August-2010 – – Prompt eating disorder treatment is necessary as it can cause both physical as well as emotional damage. People with this kind of disorder usually try to hide their problem but it is important to identify the warning signs as quickly as possible to avoid life-long damage.

This disorder is difficult to treat but you can bring about a change in your dear one’s life by showing that you care, motivating the person to seek professional advice, and by offering your help. People with eating disorders may binge on food secretly, may throw up after meals, may obsessively count calories, or follow rigid diets. They may need help at a center providing eating disorder treatment Florida.

Eating disorders are harder to tackle than unhealthy eating habits. These disorders involve self-critical attitudes about food, weight, and how one looks. These negative thoughts make it difficult for people with disorders to deal with painful and uncomfortable emotions. They either limit the amount of food they eat or overeat to overcome emotions. Rehab at treatment centers like Delray Recovery Center, Florida is important to help them see objectively.

A good treatment can also bust myths like you have to be underweight if you have an eating disorder. Many people suffering from this problem are of average weight or are overweight. It is also not true that only young women and teenage girls are affected by this disorder. They are common in men too. It is not vanity but strong feelings like anxiety, shame, and powerlessness that drive people toward this disorder. These disorders can be extremely dangerous and lead to problems like infertility, kidney damage, and stunted growth.

The Most Common Eating Disorders Are:

Anorexia - People falling in this category starve themselves to avoid weight gain. It is hard for them to believe that they are thin or even emaciated. They may control their weight following strict fitness regimes, by eating diet pills, or by purging.

Bulimia - People falling in this category binge and purge. They eat excessively and then take drastic steps to purge themselves of the extra calories they have eaten. They exercise, fast, vomit, or take laxatives.
Bingeing, purging, counting calories every time they eat, distorted body image and changed appearance are some of early warning signs that you may be able to identify. Eating disorder treatment also involves talking to a friend or family member about it. If you think that you or your loved one is suffering from this disorder then you should voice your concerns.

Early cure is very important to overcome the problem fast. A doctor can evaluate your or your loved one’s symptoms and provide an accurate diagnosis. A professional will also screen for the medical problems that might be involved like substance abuse, depression, or an anxiety disorder. An eating disorder treatment can involve support groups, residential treatment, nutritional counseling, and psychotherapy.

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