Philippines’ Homegrown Web Development Company Reached Google’s HTTPS Security Standards

Philippines premier web development company reached the latest Google security and SEO standards with its shift to HTTPS from the original HTTP website address.

Online PR News – 20-August-2014 – Makati City, Philippines – Philippines' premier web development company reached the latest Google security and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) standards with its shift to Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Transport Layer Security (HTTPS) from the original HTTP website URL address.

9DotStrategies, a full-service web development company based in Philippines with international clients, even spearheaded Google [announced the HTTPS as a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking factor on August 6], when it launched its website redesign and site move to HTTPS three weeks (July 18) before Google released the notice.

The website HTTPS launch was graced by 9DotStrategies' Chief Operating Officer Jonathan Engalla, "We aim to be constantly in the forefront of the latest updates in web development. Our top priority is that 9DotStrategies will continue to become committed in improving the way our clients win in business".

9DotStrategies shifted its website URL address from to to strengthen its security features and protect clients/users from hackers during data transfers. The company has perceived the need to encrypt the web pages so as to safeguard confidential information from clients/users during migration and critical transactions. The company started the HTTPS site reconstruction (since year 2013) way before Google Webmaster Trends Analysts Zineb Ait Bahajji and Gary Illyes announced the HTTPS as an SEO ranking factor through its Webmaster Central Blog. In the Google notice, it encouraged website owners to shift to HTTPS website URL address to boost security features in the pages so as to prevent malicious actions on the web.

9DotsStrategies' new website URL features three key layers of protection: encryption, data integrity, and authentication. First, the encryption re-encodes the messages to conceal private information from unauthorized parties. The messages will only be deciphered once the access key is verified between the user and the website. This secures the information being transmitted from hackers or man-in-the-middle attacks. Second, the Transport Layer Security (TLS) ensures that data being transferred during site migration or data transaction will be preserved and will have no error. The TLS submits a detailed transcript of the migration as well as notification on suspicious activities. In this way, data integrity is monitored. Third, the TLS guarantees that authorized users will have access key to the information/conversation path. This hinders malicious attempt to steal user identification, financial credit information, and confidential data.

9DotStrategies' roster of clients, who rely on the host server will benefit from the new security features, and will gain assurance that data exchanges conducted between the website are protected.

The company publicly announced the website reboot on August 8 through its social media channels and marketing networks.

9DotStrategies' SEO rank reached 4th place in Google (Philippines) search results as of August 12 for the term "web development company" and "design company". Also, the website achieved 247.89% page views and 11,412% impressions since the website launch. The company is scheduled to release a series of internet marketing campaigns this month of August.

9DotStrategies is located at 3368 Harvard St., Brgy. Pinagkaisahan, Makati City and can be contacted at +1-510-936-8878 (US Direct) or +63 02 846-6845 (PH). 9DotStrategies provides web design, web development, and marketing SEO services to local and international companies.