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Aboutfloaters.com is just one of the newest websites that have been promoted to have extensive knowledge and solutions to people suffering from floaters. They have unique solutions that guarantee to have this problem resolved once and for all.

Online PR News – 03-August-2010 – – (August 2010) - About Floaters is rather a new website that has been launched recently to aid and help people whom are having problems with eye floaters. Compared to other such websites that offer solutions to cure eye floaters, this new website promises to deliver top quality solutions for dealing with these nuisances as well as solutions for people to properly take care of their eyes.

For those who aren’t familiar with floaters, they consist of small deposits that vary in consistency, motility, shape, size, and refractive index and they can be found in the eye’s vitreous humour, which is usually transparent. Their origins can be embryonic or they can be a result of certain changes within the retina or the vitreous humour. Thus their perception is known to be called “myodesopsia”. Other uncommon names for it are “myodeopsia”, “myiodesopsia” and “myiodeopsia” and the forms in which they appear are threads, spots, cobwebs fragments and they will slowly float away in the eye of the individual having them. Because they reside in the eye, they are mostly mistaken for optical illusions, but in fact what they are is an “entopic phenomenon”.

The website has quite a lot of information regarding them and the sections that can be accessed while surfing are:

-> Eye floaters

-> What are Eye floaters?

-> Eye Floaters Causes

-> Eye Floaters Natural Cute

-> Eye Floaters surgical treatment

-> Prevent Eye Floaters

-> Floaters and Flashers FAQ

-> Eye Floaters Images

-> Products

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If many people have been dealing with such problems before, now they have the opportunity to prevent eye floaters and also get rid of them for good. Coming with a revolutionary technique for dealing with Eye Floaters, the “Eye Floaters Removal Program” is a new way that guarantees you will get rid of these small nuisances in just a few days from the day you’ve begun your treatment.

One important section the website contains is called the “Eye Floaters Treatment Products”. This section briefly explains why other alternative products are to be useless when it comes to Eye Floaters and why “Eye Floaters Removal Program” is the only viable solution to millions of people today suffering from this condition.

Additionally, http://www.aboutfloaters.com not only offers you a permanent revolutionary solution, but it also contains a list involving the types of activities you should not engage yourself in if you wish to prevent eye floaters.

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