HSS Concrete Announces To Offer Quality Concrete Building Supplies At Affordable Price

HSS Concrete can provide wide range of trade building supplies for construction companies working on large infrastructure projects.

Online PR News – 20-August-2014 – Humpty Doo, Northern Territory – If you are working on a building project in Darwin and are in need of some building supplies, HSS Concrete is sure to be able to meet your needs. The company has been in operation since 1990 and it is widely recognized for its position as a quality supplier of concrete products.

“People are today more concerned about the durability and appearance of their patio, walkway, pathway etc and this is the reason why they are today more keen to invest in our building supplies”, says Roy Jansan, a born and bred NT businessman of aboriginal decent.

He also added, “We provide quality concrete products to our customers safely and reliably. Our transport system can transport our client’s freight safely and on time. We have range of trailers including refrigerated, flatbeds, side and rear tippers as well as covered trailers.”

This company offer customers a wide range of building supplies including everything from concrete mix bags to Portland cement, lime to sand, landscaping products and much more. It is this wide range of products, coupled with the excellent reputation and service offered by HSS Concrete, that make it the go-to business for many in the construction industry. The company utilizes the latest modern materials to ensure it stays at the cutting edge and that it is continually able to offer its customers the very best building supplies around, even as technology continues to progress.
HSS Concrete was founded by Roy Jansan and has been growing ever since. It is well-staffed by highly trained professionals and is more than able to meet the needs of clients in the construction industry. Initially, this company only provided concrete supplies, but now it has expanded into other areas such as transportation and house moving as well. By providing wide array of services, it is a one-stop shop for clients, enabling them to get exactly the kind of supplies needed for building projects and providing assistance for moving, transport and outdoor landscaping.HSS concrete also hires their equipment to industries such as Housing & Construction, Oil & Gas, and Civil & Engineering.

Continuing their promise to help every customer finish their project on time and within budget, they have online Store to purchase concrete, which allows current and future customers with all the options that they require for their concrete blend including MPA, Slump, and Aggregate Size.