Dr. Yatin Khanna Launched New Set of Cleaning and Prevention Home Care Programme for Brighter Smile

Dr. Yatin Khanna, a top cosmetic dentist of New Jersey has launched a New Set of Cleaning and Prevention Home Care Programme.

Online PR News – 17-August-2014 – New Jersey – New Jersey, April 30, 2014/: When the Cosmetic Dental Work is thriving and gain acceptance and appreciation, at the time, a top cosmetic dentist of New Jersey has launched a New Set of Cleaning and Prevention Home Care Programme. This programme focuses on making people aware of the new and efficient cleaning techniques that can help to take care of the teeth at home. The astonishing point is all this is coming from a Dentist, who have experience and expertise in Cosmetic Dental Surgery and dental implants in New Jersey.
His records showcases years of successful execution of New Jersey dental implants and variety of Cosmetic Dental Surgery. But his interest in making people aware of the daily home care regime for cleaning and prevention of Teeth Decays is aimed at overall growth of the society.
Cleaning and Prevention Home Care Programme for Brighter Smile is based on curbing the problem of tooth decays and various other causes of degradation of teeth. The programme will help people acknowledge the Home Care Measures such as which can be followed on a regular basis such as keeping the brush at 45 degree angle on the gums and follow gentle brushing movements, using the tip of the brush to clean the inner part of the front teeth, daily flossing, rinsing, and using dental aids for better cleaning of teeth.
According to Dr. Yatin Khanna, “many have the complete knowledge of it, but they don’t follow it, which is the main focus on the programme, to influence people on taking these small efforts to curb the dental problems” When asked that even after being a successful Cosmetic Dental Surgeon, why he is promoting something that can help his customers curb dental problems? He replied that “I believe in general well-being of the society and not just monetary benefits. My idea, with the knowledge, training, and experience I have achieved in this domain, is to invest on the prosperity of the society”. He also added that teeth are important part of our body and one should give due attention to it like other parts such as face, hair, and skin.” On a lighter note, he says that “it is the beauty of the smile that catches the attention and reflects one’s heart”.
Dr. Yatin Khanna is a reckoned as the best Dentist in New Jersey by the people of New Jersey, owing to his personalized care and painless procedures. He is an expert Prosthodontist – a specialist in Implant, Esthetic, and Reconstructive Dentistry. He has also worked with oral surgeons and general and Specialty dentists and plastic surgeons that have enabled him to attain a wide idea and comprehensive perspective on dental implants in New Jersey.
Apart from graduating from prestigious dental school, he also claims education in University of Medicine and Dentist in New Jersey, Newark, NJ – Prosthodontics and Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Boston, MA - Surgical and Prosthetic Implant logy. Moreover, he is the member of American College of Prosthdontists, Academy of Osseo integration, and American Dental Association. He has received commendable appreciation from the organization as well as from his patients.

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