Give Your Kids A Healthy And Delicious Treat With Ice Pop Maker.

Perfect Life Ideas announced the launch of Sipper base 4 Piece Ice Pop Makers that enable to make frozen ice pops very easily and quickly.

Online PR News – 17-August-2014 – Indianapolis/IN – What can be better than making your own popsicles? The Perfect Life Ideas, a company located in Somerset, New Jersey announced the launch of its latest product-Ice Pop Maker set of four, which include sipper bases to catch the last drops of juice as the popsicles melts. All molds are held together and have a flat base for easy storage in the freezer. Featuring assorted brightly colored bases, they are ideal for summer. Such convenient Popsicle Makers are dishwasher safe, so they are easy to clean. It keeps the liquid from dripping down the arm. The product is guaranteed BPA free.

The people like to make their own homemade ice pops with whatever flavors they want with healthier ingredients and at a much cheaper cost than buying pre-made ones from the grocery store. The Ice Pop Maker enables to make homemade ice pops that are tastier & cheaper than store bought Popsicle.
This Popsicle Molds is useful to make desserts of healthy and decadent ingredients in Weight Watchers, diabetic, cardiac friendly portion control.

While eating an ice pops, drips from a treat melting go into the built-in drip guard tray of such ice pop maker that keeps kid’s hands and clothes clean & dry. This is the sipper base Popsicles mold that is useful for drinking up melted treat.

Each mold can be filled and removed separately. So it is easy to serve one or all four at a time and to prepare assorted flavors.

One of the benefits of having such ice pop molds that is it takes
up little room in the freezer and stay firmly in the stand without toppling over in a freezer. The tray holds the molds in place while they are being filled. Once frozen, the pops can be stacked neatly out of the tray when the molds run under hot water for few seconds. These Popsicle Molds don't require buying separate Popsicle sticks as it has non-spill handle that captures the drips. They’re a nice size, made of durable plastic and well constructed.For more details Visit:

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