SSYH & the Trade Adjustment Assistance Program Help Florida Manufacturing Businesses Grow

Florida’s leading manufacturing ERP software provider takes advantage of the Government’s TAA Program to decrease cost of Manufacturing Software implementations for Florida manufacturing businesses.

Online PR News – 02-August-2010 – – Stanley Stuart Yoffee and Hendrix Inc. (SSYH), the leaders in manufacturing ERP software, is taking advantage of the government’s Trade Adjustment Assistance Program in Florida in order to assist companies in decreasing their cost of manufacturing software implementations. It is expected that many manufacturing businesses will attempt to take advantage of the TAA program in Florida and will leverage the expertise that SSYH has in manufacturing software implementations while using the government’s 50/50 cost sharing with the program.

“Through the use of the TAA Program, Florida manufacturers have been able to minimize their investment while maximizing their results. This program allows our clients to upgrade their ERP software at a much lower cost which in turn increases their productivity and profits.” said Angela Stuart Mills, CEO at Stanley Stuart Yoffee & Hendrix Inc.

Many manufacturing companies have been putting off the investment of upgrading their software due to the economy and to losing business to overseas competition. Now SSYH, with the Trade Adjustment Assistance Program in Florida can help bring these organizations up to date and prepare them to compete effectively. This program is a catalyst in the setup, training and implementation of ERP solutions for manufacturing firms in Florida that took a loss of 20% or more to foreign manufacturing firms.

Combining the manufacturing ERP software with the efforts of the TAA program in Florida, will help these manufacturers to run more efficiently and focus on developing new business and jobs in Florida. With the ability to track finances, resources and new business development, it will be easier for the manufacturer to give a more realistic expectation of future revenues. Having software that can effectively manage the details of a large company is critical in order to free up time of those running the business. With the software putting all the information at their fingertips, it will aid the company in doing what the Trade Adjustment Assistance program was meant to do; help the manufacturer get a return on their investment by being more efficient.

Using manufacturing ERP software for Florida manufacturers is a smart decision to help firms overcome the challenges of a large corporation by keeping facts and figures straight, and doing it more efficiently. The winning combination of this software and the TAA program are an ideal model for any manufacturer.

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