Launch of “Jammu Kashmir People’s Party (Secular)”

New Political Party “Jammu Kashmir People’s Party (Secular)” Launched on 68th Independence Day

Online PR News – 17-August-2014 – Jammu and Kashmir – A new political party, Jammu Kashmir People’s Party (Secular), JKPP (S) has been announced to contest the upcoming assembly election.

Mr. Sushant Bakshi, President of JKPP (S) stated that the announcement came in response to direct requests from within the communities, the general population and leading individuals in J&K’s political, professional, religious and business sectors.

Mr. Bakshi says the establishment of the JKPP (S) is the culmination of many months of research and discussion undertaken to ensure identification and understanding of the communities’ full range of concerns and fears are taken on board.

In the release, Mr Bakshi said the JKPP (S) was created with one mission and one mission only – to serve the people of J&K.

He also lamented that JKPP(S) was created to listen, to serve the best interests of residents and to move J&K forward in the direction in accordance with the wishes of the people of J&K.

Necessity of a new political party is being felt in the state of J&K since long time because the rights of the average citizen of J&K is continuously being overlooked often by all those who ruled J&K since Independence. Without a clear vision and motive, J&K moves ahead at snail’s pace in comparison to its peer.

A small group of the elite controlled the government in J&K since Independence and they created wealth and fortune only for themselves and their loved ones. For JKPP(S), the total approach will be "We are J&K first".

And whatever the problems J&K is facing, if it wants a platform through the JKPP(S), the JKPP(S) will be happy to provide that platform."

On the occasion of 68th from Dangerous Politics and also from the Politics of Divide and Rule which all the political parties are

doing here since Independence. On this occasion Mr. Bakshi said being a youth and seeing the sufferings of the people of J&K especially the young ones “I decided to reach out directly to the people of J&K”. As per

him JKPP(S) have ideas about how to fix our broken democratic system, but I want to hear from the people of J&K also what they have to say,” He said Politics is a sacred word. Politics is for serving the nation and society. Gandhiji was a politician. He believed that politics sans spirituality is dangerous for society and the nation. In current scenario politics means crime and corruption. Money from Power and Power by using Money is the foundation of modern politics. But as on date, since the youth ignored this idea and wants to live a happy life, it is a time now to change this thinking. Politics has to connect again with social service and national pride and that is the mission of Jammu Kashmir People’s Party (Secular).

On this occasion, JKPP (S) also launched the website of the party, The site will allow the people of J&K to become the part of movement. Anybody above 18 years of age with valid voter ID card number can become the member of the party by filling the online membership form on the party website. All the party leaders hope that people of J&K will definitely take advantage of this initiative. As per them, they launched this debate platform with a mission to transform the entire political system of J&K in which only every common people of J&K will participate to run the government. On a fundamental issue like this one, people expect us to put J&K first before party.

On the issue, why this party, Mr. Bakshi said since the current political system of the State has failed to address the basic issues like Bijli, Pani, Sadke (Electricity, Water, Roads) of the people of J&K and J&K has been labeled as most corrupt State, this has exposed all our political parties and has made us all realize that we cannot expect any political party to work for a corruption free J&K. Even 67 years after Independence, J&K of today is totally contrary to what was imagined.

He said that for the last two years we tried all available avenues. We tried RTI, the most powerful tool which the government always boasts of, we found nobody listened. Government officers have made the entire system the most corrupt one. They not only failed to address the issues of common people but went on fooling the people of J&K. This made us to realize that it’s a time to uproot these parties and change the whole system and hence JKPP (S). We appeal to the public of J&K to be part of change, be a part of JKPP