Apps Mav Launches Social Media Marketing Management Solutions

Social Contests, Social Gamification Tools, and Social Commerce tools for holistic and results-oriented social media marketing for small businesses.

Online PR News – 16-August-2014 – New South Wales – There is more than what meets the eye when it comes to promoting businesses online. The increasing popularity of social platforms like Facebook has given brands a new voice and a refurbished outlook. Setting up a Facebook Page is the first step towards digitization of brands and products, however, the journey is far from over. A business page on Facebook gives the brand a much needed push by widening the spectrum of the target audience. Facebook presence enables businesses to connect and understand their target audience better, so that they can be relevant in their approach.

It has become one of the most powerful tools of advertising. Of late, many small businesses have realised that if they are not online, then they are probably not in line. For businesses to be in line or in sight, Facebook presence is a must. It’s important to understand, a mere presence is not enough to be in line. Social media and continuous activity go hand in hand. The Facebook page should be lively, buzzing with regular activities. Posts with original, relevant and creative content will go a long way in engaging fans and converting them into potential customers.

For small businesses, social media management is a powerful and effective way to improve visibility, popularity, and communication. Without strategic and competent social media management, it is impossible to achieve and generate maximum reach and leads respectively. You can attract, retain and convert your fans into valuable customers by engaging them in rich and insightful posts. Social media marketing management is all about constantly connecting and communicating with the fans.

For small businesses looking to expand their expertise on Facebook, Apps Mav’s DIY and DFY Facebook Marketing Packages comes as an obvious option. Businesses can generate more leads, increase fan engagement and improve their overall Facebook presence.

Channelling social commerce tools effectively, holds the key to a successful online reputation. Today, one is not only able to connect with their fans through Facebook, but also sell on Facebook. Running social contests and rewarding fans for their active participation on the fan page through coupons and discounts can also boost up a brand’s popularity graph and sales chart. The apps are available for a monthly charge of $4.95. It is also important to note, access to any one of the apps will unlock a collection of over a dozen other apps enabling better reach and increased sales.

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