SocialWebshop discovers Facebook potential for eBay traders.

Unlimited eBay products on Facebook using SocialWebshop.

Online PR News – 17-August-2014 – United Kingdom – Those, who have an account on Facebook and sell on eBay, absolutely need to create a business page on Facebook and transfer all listings there. Selling eBay products on Facebook is possible now.

Why it is necessary:

1. It will direct more traffic to eBay from Facebook

2. It will increase sales

3. Buyers recognize the products and the shop.

4. It is very easy using SocialWebshop to do promotions and answer consumer’s questions.

5. No need to add manually products to Facebook, the app will do it automatically.

But in order to be successful on Facebook and get more sales on eBay, it is important to avoid the following mistakes that traders usually make:

1.Products are placed in wrong categories. It is always a benefit to search for popular categories to list the products.

2.The products do not correspond to the right time of the day/year. Products might be out of. It is important to analyze the market first and make right decisions.

3. The returning policy is too strict. Maybe buyers are afraid of strict regulations? Flexibility with the clients bring success.They become loyal.

4.The photos of the products are unclear or there is only 1 photo of each product. The solution would be to upload not less than 3 photos that describe each product. It takes some time, but it is very useful when the client has a clear view of what he wants to buy.

To succeed today, it is important to be creative in business. Facebook is the right place to experiment and SocialWebshop helps with that!