Asendia introduces new ‘Pocket Guide to Cross-border E-commerce’

Asendia, has published a special industry ‘Pocket Guide to Cross-border E-commerce’ to assist retailers to understand opportunities for growth, selling abroad.

Online PR News – 17-August-2014 – Folcroft, PA – National borders are disappearing in the world of online purchasing. In recognition of this Asendia, the La Poste and Swiss Post joint venture, has published a special industry ‘Pocket Guide to Cross-border E-commerce’ to assist retailers and merchants to capitalize on potential opportunities for growth worldwide.

Over the next 12 months unlocking the potential for e-commerce growth will not only be a focus of attention for online-only businesses but will embrace many Main Street and Multichannel retailers wanting to tap into new markets. The opportunity is huge; worldwide B2C e-commerce sales are projected to increase by 20% to $1.5trn this year alone (source:

For retailers and merchants, realizing the potential of cross-border e-commerce as a way to help their businesses grow is easily within reach in 2014. With the global retail e-commerce market evolving fast* and with some initial planning, the opportunity for trading internationally is there for businesses large and small.
Asendia’s aim with its new ‘Pocket Guide to Cross-border E-commerce’ is to support businesses in gaining a clearer picture of where potential cross-border opportunities can be found and how to make the most of them. To find out more about where opportunities are greatest, the free downloadable Pocket Guide has been available from May 19, 2014 at

Handy Pocket Guide launched
Asendia’s Pocket Guide provides hints and advice for planning a successful cross-border e-commerce strategy, and some key factors and drivers which need to be considered from the outset.

A first step is in understanding where the current global hotspots of the burgeoning e-commerce market are. The Pocket Guide offers an overview of this step and tips on key points to consider in selecting which new geographical markets to approach. For easy reference the Pocket Guide is broken down into three regions: America, Asia-Pacific and Europe, and considers some of the countries which offer the best growth prospects within each of these regions.

Another key determinant is understanding where your products may be particularly sought after. An interesting finding from the Pocket Guide is that universally popular product categories for online purchases around the world include health and beauty items, fashion and electronics.

Factors for success
Tips for building a customer-centric strategy in global e-business are also included in the Pocket Guide. Whether attracting new customers and/or developing repeat business outside of your national borders, Asendia sees the following as essential to growing an effective international e-commerce business: building the trust of your customers, making their lives easier and providing superior and friendly customer service.

Mark Feinstein, Senior Vice President of Business Development says “Technology that improves the customer experience by displaying duties, taxes and shipping costs as well as pricing in local currency and local payment methods is critical in selling throughout the world.

It is equally important to provide international customers with a combination of reliable shipping and reasonable shipping charges relative to their purchase. Partnering with a trusted parcel shipping solutions provider can significantly improve your success in building and maintaining a satisfied customer base worldwide.”
Case studies on how Asendia has worked with e-businesses are available on request.
The Pocket Guide, along with a range of special White Papers to follow later in the year, form the basis of an information campaign by Asendia online, in print and face to face throughout 2014 focused on the e-commerce sector with the overarching theme ‘The world is your address’.
*By 2018 it is estimated that 130 million cross-border shoppers will be spending more than $300bn in Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, the UK and the USA (source: Paypal)

Notes to editors
About Asendia
With both expertise and experience in shipping goods, merchandise, parcels and packages around the globe, Asendia has developed a range of Goods services to meet the needs of retailers, e-commerce businesses and other B2B and B2C distributors that ensures the swift, reliable and secure international delivery of goods to customers.

Late last year, Asendia made a strategic investment in eShopWorld, based in Ireland. Founded in 2011, eShopWorld provides e-commerce enabling solutions for online retailers to quickly and simply access global shoppers with a positive international shopping experience. Through this relationship Asendia can offer its customers a suite of technology solutions and services covering the entire e-commerce value chain from checkout to product returns.

Asendia is one of the world’s leading companies for the distribution of international mail and parcels to over 200 destinations. The joint venture between La Poste and Swiss Post is present in Europe, Asia and in the USA with over 1,000 employees, 25 offices and a large network of partners. Asendia’s headquarters are located in Paris and Berne.

Asendia. The world is your address.
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