Key West Snorkeling Co. Offering Dive Discounts to Celebrate Good News on Oil Spill

Island dive and snorkeling business offers excursion discounts following NOAA's report that oil will not reach Key West.

Online PR News – 02-August-2010 – – After more than three months of waiting to see whether the oil from the BP oil well explosion will reach the shores of Key West, employees at Key West Snorkeling Co. are finally celebrating good news. NOAA has reported that the oil will likely not reach Key West, and the dive and snorkeling company will offer discounts on its vacation packages to help spread the word. The news is welcomed by locals and tourists alike, since it means the precious coral reef and marine ecosystem around it will not be affected by the disastrous oil well explosion that took place last April.

Key West Snorkeling Co. employee Gus McBride is relieved. "This means I can keep my job, stay in Key West, and continue to enjoy the coral" he says, after admitting he had been fearful ever since the spill. "I was worried this would all come to an end" he says with concern, " but this is such great news from NOAA." Mr. McBride shares these sentiments with other Key West residents who live and work on and around the water. On an island, that seems to include just about everybody.

Even Key West restaurants are rejoicing, since the good news means they'll continue to be able to buy fish from the local seafood market. A fishing ban around Key West would have meant chefs could have been facing importing fish for their for their kitchens or leaving seafood off the menu. Both solutions seemed unlikely to be successful in the long run. "This would have killed my business, and importing fish from elsewhere was never an option for me...I would just pack up and move to where the fish is fresh" says Minnie Goldberg, sous chef at a local restaurant in Key West.

Residents of Key West and employees of Key West Snorkeling Co. have several factors to thank when it comes to today's good news. First, the well has been capped. NOAA's prediction that the Florida Keys will see no oil is based on this development, that no more oil will continue to spill into the Gulf of Mexico from the BP well that exploded in late April of this year. Second, the oil seems to be dispersing and breaking down on its own, which scientists and everyone else are happy to see. Third, the sheen that remains is now very far from the Loop Current. Previously, it had been feared that this current would pull oil to the Florida Keys and even up the eastern coast if oil reached it from the spill.

Snorkeling is one of the most popular Key West activities for visitors to the two by four mile island. Key West and the Florida Keys are home to North America's only living coral reef, a precious natural resource for everyone to enjoy, from snorkelers to scuba divers to anglers and scientists as well. NOAA's good news comes as a welcome relief to everyone who loves the marine world of Key West. Discounts can be found by booking online at Key West Snorkeling Co.'s websites and mentioning the discount.

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