Jonas and Sarie Abney Offer Writing Tips

Jonas and Sarie Abney are New Yorkers with tips on song and fiction writing.

Online PR News – 13-August-2014 – New York, New York – Jonas and Sarie Abney live and work in New York City, the home to many famous, and not so famous, artists, actors, writers, and musicians. They wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

Jonas Abney has a Master of Business Administration and the sort of resume that gets the attention of the most cynical HR rep. But he also has a long involvement with the arts. He has studied Theatre Arts at HB Studios, one of New York's first acting studios. He went on to appear in three off-Broadway plays and dozens of off-off-Broadway productions.

Jonas Abney also channels his creative drive to writing fiction and writing songs, and shares some tips on how to do both.

Jonas and Sarie Abney says that when it comes to fiction everyone approaches the craft differently, but there are some common rules that apply to most. He says it's a good idea to read your work out loud to yourself, maybe even record it and listen closely to the playback. It's the only way, he says, to make sure the rhythms of the sentences are working. Prose rhythms, he says, can only be made right by listening to them with your ear, not just by reading them to yourself.

Keep some reference material handy, like a good dictionary, a thesaurus, and a book of basic grammar, like Strunk and White's Elements of Style. A flash drive is useful, too; Jonas Abney reminds you to always back up your work. He says it's also important to remember that most writers hate their work as soon as they finish it, because they are simply too close to it. So cut yourself some slack. Never judge your own work, he says, because you'll find it guilty.

Finally, says Jonas Abney about writing fiction, never worry about the commercial possibilities of what you are writing. Do it because you love it and because you couldn't do anything else, even if you wanted to.

Unless that something else is writing songs. Jonas Abney has written plenty of those. He says that if a song genuinely expresses your feelings, then it's a good song. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.

Jonas Abney believes that good songwriters use song craft to give their songs emotional impact and make them memorable for listeners. The tools and techniques referred to as "song craft" aren't arbitrary. They exist because, over many years, songwriters have found that they help their listeners understand, experience, and remember the message at the heart of every good song.

Jonas Abney says that a good song takes its listener on a journey that they could take no other way. It might be a journey that touches their emotions, or makes them feel like dancing. But Jonas Abney says it must have focus. A song that wanders from one idea to the next is boring, and can be frustrating for listeners. And when that happens, they'll just tune out. Jonas Abney doesn't want that to happen to any of his songs.

Jonas and Sarie Abney are the proud parents of one child, for whom Jonas has written several songs.

About: Jonas and Sarie Abney are creative people with tips on song and fiction writing.