Lera Chenchevaya Provides Information Every Traveler Should Know Before Traveling Abroad

Lera Chenchevaya is an international traveler and agent. She provides tips for ensuring that you are prepared and ready for your next international adventure.

Online PR News – 13-August-2014 – New York City, New York – Traveling to a new country and a new part of the world can be a very exciting time in a person’s life, presenting the individual with multiple opportunities to branch out of their comfort zone and into a new and exotic place. An international trip can be a highly educational, and, as Lera Chenchevaya knows, a highly rewarding experience, introducing the traveler to people, places and things they may have never known or experienced otherwise.

International travel often equates to adventure. As with any adventure, says Lera Chenchevaya, there is a certain amount of unpredictability and danger involved, requiring the traveler to ready, alert and prepared to protect themselves, their belongings and to avoid the hassle often associated with long trips and unforeseen inconveniences. Lera Chenchevaya understands that while international travel can be one of the most amazing things you ever do, it can also be filled with hazards that could potentially threaten not only your level of enjoyment, but also your safety, and in some cases, even your lives.

Lera Chenchevaya wants your and your family to have the best traveling experience possible, which is why she provides several pieces of important information every traveler should be aware of before setting out on their journey.

Warnings and Travel Alerts

Your local and/or national government often issues travel alerts and warnings in order to keep citizens informed of the potential dangers or volatility involved in certain areas of the globe. Lera Chenchevaya recommends checking with your government to see if any alerts or warnings exist that pertain to your chosen destination, and to avoid the potential hazards of civil unrest or safety threats that may endanger your family.

Travel Documents

Passports are required by many countries in order to access entry within their borders. These internationally recognized documents, says Lera Chenchevaya, are essential to a smooth and hassle free traveling experience. Be sure to obtain both you and your family’s passports before planning your trip, and to perform research on your destination to find out what travel documents are necessary and/or acceptable to enter and to leave the country.

Emergency Preparedness

Let’s face it, emergencies happen, even on a vacation. Be prepared for a potential emergency during your vacation, says Lera Chenchevaya, by seeking out contact and address info of your country’s nearby embassy or consulate before setting out to your destination. Be sure you and your family are aware of these locations, and that you have the adequate information needed to get there should an emergency arise.
Smart Packing

Pack lightly and smartly for your next international excursion. Be sure, says Lera Chenchevaya, to exclude the things you don’t need, and to pack only the essentials. Make sure your baggage is light and easy to transport. This will make it far easier to move around and through your destination, and help to prevent any unwanted theft or loss. Also be sure to have copies of your passports and personal IDs when moving through unfamiliar areas. Leave the originals in a safe place that will keep them protected and out of sight.

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