Groundbreaking Antiseptic Medical Product - Kadermin Is Endorsed By LifeshiftConsultancy

Lifeshift Consultancy have announced their endorsement of another new product - KADERMIN, launched by Nutresco - for diabetic and varied cutaneous infections.

Online PR News – 14-August-2014 – Miami Florida – Mr Allison, the Founder and CEO of LifeshiftConsultancy remarks, "Once again, it's been our privilege to collaborate with Nutresco and OptimiserLabs, upon such an innovative product. We feel that Kadermin is one of a range of products being launched by Nutresco, which could benefit health professionals, diabetics and those suffering from multiple cutaneous conditions, lesions and ulcerated sores - worldwide".

He adds, "The powerful antimicrobial properties of Kadermin allow it to begin acting immediately upon application - both inhibiting and healing a wide variety of cutaneous infections".

Kadermin holds full EU Medical Device Status (2A) and has demonstrated a high degree of effectiveness in recent clinical trials, producing a significant reduction in the incidence of infection.

Furthermore, none of the patients involved in trials suffered from any adverse reactions or intolerance to the application.

Kadermin is the first of a series of NUTRESCO product launches that utilise patented advances in silver ions combined with other antiseptic properties. The EU medical device status conferred on these products is also accredited by Vulnera, the Italian Wound Centre.

Scientifically evaluated and endorsed by LifeshiftConsultancy.

Alexa Hudson
Marketing Director
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