Health Food Maven Combines Food and Faith

Banquet Table Health Food Shop owner Laurie Alsberg and her staff will soon release a faith-based series of exercise DVDs.

Online PR News – 13-August-2014 – NEW ORLEANS, LA – Laurie Alsberg has been passionate about food and fitness all her life. She originally attended Tulane University of New Orleans, Louisiana to participate in the Center for Culinary Medicine’s programs. However, she eventually changed her degree aspirations to physical and recreational therapy. She added a double major in education from the Center for Culinary Medicine at Tulane. Laurie Alsberg also spent a year studying abroad at Le Cordon Bleu.

Laurie Alsberg and her well-trained staff, including her partner and licensed professional counselor (LPC) Colette Broussard, opened the Banquet Table Health Food Shop in 2008 to address a gap in the market. Since then, Alsberg has dedicated herself to crafting decadent yet healthy foods for her loyal customers and assisting in eating disorder recovery. She and her staff live by 1 Corinthians 16:9: "Your body is a temple…of the Holy Spirit." Their Christian perspective influences cooking, weight loss and recovery plans, and charity work, among other endeavors.

those in recovery from obesity-related procedures and eating disorders as well as those who haven’t done dance workouts before.

In early 2015, Laurie Alsberg will spearhead a series of exercise DVDs entitled Fitness Meets Faith. There are twelve DVD sessions of two hours apiece. The first hour is a Bible study led by Alsberg, Broussard, or another staff member. The study focuses on identity in Christ, the connections between body and spirit, and how Biblical personages can influence our faith and fitness today. The second hour consists of a dance-based fitness routine buyers can perform at home or in Bible study groups.

Dance workouts vary in intensity and genre. The DVDs include low-impact yoga and Pilates routines, which Laurie Alsberg recommends for “those in recovery from obesity-related procedures and eating disorders, as well as those who haven’t done dance workouts before.” Higher-intensity workouts often combine jazz and modern dance, Zumba routines, and self-defense routines. Alsberg and her staff have tailored all workouts to suit various populations, including those with physical disabilities and those who are at varying levels of fitness.

The DVDs will be released in English. They will contain closed-caption options for the hearing impaired. However, Laurie Alsberg hopes to release the DVDs in other languages as well. Her first focus will be on French, which is her ancestral language. "My entire family speaks Cajun French and I am well-versed in Creolized French," she says. She spends a great deal of time traveling to Francophone African countries such as Cote d’Ivoire. There, she gives presentations and lectures on hygiene and disease prevention, focusing on providing these lessons to parents and children.

Laurie Alsberg and her staff plan to let one DVD contain information on getting help for eating disorders. "As a therapist and dance instructor, I have seen anorexia and bulimia tear apart far too many people, both men and women," she says. Thus, under "special features," one DVD will feature Colette Broussard discussing the signs of eating disorders and how to find help.

Laurie Alsberg maintains her strong focus on her faith, seeking harmony of mind, body, and soul, and helping others overcome their difficulties with eating disorders to lead a full, happy life.

About: Laurie Alsberg is owner of the Banquet Table Food Shop. She has a passion for faith, health, and disease prevention.