Jerry Gonzalez Araujo Visits Vienques Bioluminescent Bay

Resort owner Jerry Gonzalez Araujo visits Mosquito Bay, one of Puerto Rico's five national natural wonders.

Online PR News – 12-August-2014 – Vienques, Puerto Rico – The natural beauty of Puerto Rico has always been compelling to Jerry Gonzalez Araujo. “Ever since I first came to Puerto Rico, I've found the nature here arresting,” says Araujo. “That's why I decided to launch my resort here.” Jerry Gonzalez Araujo is the owner of the Costa Dorada Beach Resort, a business affiliated with Resort Condominiums International (RCI). The Costa Dorada Beach Resort has the distinction of being Puerto Rico's first timeshare resort.

Recently, Jerry Gonzalez Araujo was able to visit one of Puerto Rico's main natural attractions: the bioluminescent bay in Vienques. Often known as Puerto Mosquito, or Mosquito Bay, it is one of the world's best examples of naturally occurring bioluminescence. “I've wanted to see Mosquito Bay since I was a child,” said Jerry Gonzalez Araujo. “I always thought it sounded like magic.”

Many visitors to Mosquito Bay report similar “magical” experiences. In fact, the bioluminescence of Mosquito Bay is caused by a high concentration of the micro-organism Pyrodinium bahamense. The micro-organisms luminesce when the water is disturbed. Swimmers and kayakers in Mosquito Bay therefore leave a trail of swirling, bright blue luminescence in their wake.

The history of Mosquito Bay is also of interest to Jerry Gonzalez Araujo. The bay has such dramatic luminescence as a result of several different factors. The red Mangrove trees surrounding the bay are related to the micro-organisms. The bay is also almost undisturbed in terms of development. The bay is also connected to the ocean by only a very narrow channel, allowing the micro-organisms to be in high concentration.

Jerry Gonzalez Araujo expresses particular interest in the circumstances surrounding this small channel. “The channel was actually created artificially by Spanish colonists,” explains Jerry Gonzalez Araujo. The Spanish ships attempted to cut the bay off from the ocean, believing the glowing water to be the work of the devil. “Of course, cutting the bay off from the ocean only led to the luminescence being preserved and increased since the organisms were more concentrated,” laughs Jerry Gonzalez Araujo.

Mosquito Bay is a big attraction for tourists. There are very few bioluminescent bays in the world, making a visit to Mosquito Bay a rare opportunity. “Mosquito Bay is one of the reasons I wanted to launch the Costa Dorada Beach Resort,” explains Jerry Gonzalez Araujo. “I wanted to show the world the natural beauty of Puerto Rico, and the bioluminescent bay is a big part of that.”

Jerry Gonzalez Araujo also references his love of Puerto Rico's other natural attractions-- its beaches, El Yunque forest, and the Guanica Dry Forest were of particular note to him. “Truly, Puerto Rico is one of the most naturally beautiful places on this Earth.”

Of his trip to Mosquito Bay, Jerry Gonzalez Araujo states it was “even more beautiful than I thought it would be.” He expresses his desire to visit again on the next moonless night.

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