Kainda launches new laundry care fragrances

Kainda has launched Laundry collection of consumer products using the latest green technology within this Industry, removing all SLS, phthalates and parabens.

Online PR News – 12-August-2014 – Kulim / Kedah – In addition to the formulation benefits, the brand's fine fragrance collection, through a string of mysterious fragrance names for which define the personality of the fragrance and Kainda.

The popular household scent 'Ashaki' (which means beauty) is a hard scent to surpass, as it takes inspiration from the embodiment of Kainda’s natural beauty and uses this tropical floral fragrance that is a fusion of Iris, Coconut and Raspberries, to lift the mood, refresh and reduce stress. This new unique blend is just one of the ten options that Kainda has in her range of Native Scents.

The new laundry & fabrics care line is set to overtake the most popular Ashaki scent and the new competition is in the Laundry Care Range. [www.kainda.eu/shop/fabrics-and-laundry] A very selective range of products in which provides a solution for all fabrics around the home, such as; Shoe Spray, Pillow Spray, Garment Spray and even a Delicate Garment Soak.

Nadari (which means visionary)
Is a fruity scent that combines the top notes of Pear, Apple and Mint, with a floral heart of Jasmine and Lily of the Valley. Held by a woody base of Cedarwood, Peach and Patchouli, this ambrosial fragrance will energise and inspire the soul.

Sakina (which means calm)
Is a light, refreshing fragrance that arouses memories of a blooming Rose garden. Sweet and sensuous, this enchanting bouquet will relax the mind and rejuvenate the spirit.

“The pillow spray is by far my favourite product in the Kainda range. It is soft, intimate, and refreshes my senses and allows me to feel comfortable knowing that when I lay down I can relax.”
- Vanessa Janssen

As Vanessa Janssen, Kainda’s Founder explained: "'Sakina' is an intimate and subtle fragrance inspired by the idyllic white sands and the fresh ocean breeze, the blend of cucumber, and blackcurrants combined with the lilac, rose and cedar creates a refreshing and balanced fragrance for both men and women."

To celebrate the launch of Kainda’s new Laundry Care scents ‘Nadari’ and ‘Sakina’, Kainda is offering customers the chance to receive free shipping worldwide for any purchase of 4 or more bottles. No code required.