Logan Chierotti Launches Fly Fishing Guide Tours In Montrose, CO

Logan Chierotti starts a fly fishing guide tour service in Montrose, CO.

Online PR News – 11-August-2014 – Montrose, Colorado – Logan Chierotti is pleased to announce the opening of his fly fishing tour guide business located in Montrose, Colorado. Chierotti’s business offers guided tours for individuals and families ranging from the novice to the expert. Montrose, Colorado is known for its accessible waterways and lakes, which are prime for fishing. Logan Chierotti’s fly fishing guide tours take advantage of the region’s diverse selection of fish and abundant fishing areas. The launch of Chierotti’s fly fishing tours adds to the tourist industry in Montrose, Colorado, which has grown considerably in recent years.

Logan Chierotti’s love for fishing began as a boy, and he has kept with the hobby for years. As an avid fisher, Chierotti learned the skills of bait fishing, spin casting, and fly fishing and traveled across the country. During his time traveling, Chierotti gained a deep appreciation for natural spaces and sustainable fishing practices. The new fly fishing guide tours follow Chierotti’s outlook by allowing visitors to see the beauty of Colorado’s natural landscape as well as learn about environmentally friendly fishing. Logan Chierotti states, “I have loved fishing for my whole life. And now, I want to pass some of those experiences to other people. I want to show people the joy of fly fishing.”

Logan Chierotti’s fly fishing guide tours offer a great way for families and groups with a range of fishing experience to see Montrose area lakes and learn techniques for fly fishing. Chierotti’s fly fishing guide tours provide everything you need to fish, including a fly rod and a fly line, so all visitors need to remember is to wear water appropriate clothing and shoes. Before getting started on the tour, Chierotti and his team instruct visitors on the casting techniques needed to create the appearance of natural lures that cause the fish to strike. The specific angular technique of fly fishing can be difficult for beginners, but Chierotti’s tour guide teams are knowledgeable and patient with all of their clients.

As Logan Chierotti’s fly fishing guide tours take off, he wants to continue growing his business. First, he wants to add more instructors to offer additional tours every day. Since he is committed to providing quality instruction and experiences, his tour guides usually only go out on one or two tours a day; but with more tour guides, Chierotti could offer additional sessions. Chierotti is also interested in eventually growing his business to include other water-based activities like kayak tours and eco-tours. Logan Chierotti is pleased to be in business in Montrose, Colorado and to have the opportunity to teach visitors the art and joy of fly fishing.

Logan Chierotti is a Denver Entrepreneur and business owner who has succesfully sold 3 companies. After a career in business Mr. Chierotti has decided to pursue his passion of fly fishing and share the gifts with others.