Zeal Kids Revolution launched on International Youth Day

The Zeal Kids Revolution is a global mentorship project that aims to recruit 1000 volunteers by January 2015.

Online PR News – 12-August-2014 – London, United Kingdom – Traditionally, we all wait until January to set our goals and to strive to make “this our best year yet”. When we suddenly find ourselves past mid-year and feeling fat or frazzled, we try to step up a gear and head for the comfort of reassuring ourselves that life is just to busy and next year will be different!

True for you? Or are you part of that 8% of the population who actually sticks to and achieves their resolutions. The reality is that the top 10 New Years Resolutions that fail are:

• Schedule more time with loved ones
• Get fit & healthy
• Lose weight
• Quit Toxic Habits (Smoking/Drinking)
• Enjoy life more
• Get out of debt
• Learn something new
• Be more organized
• Get a better job/Start my business
• Do more with my time

In celebration of International Youth Day on 12 August 2014, The Kids Life Studio® founder, Zelna Lauwrens is actively recruiting a team of volunteers to join her revolution to get rid of New Years Resolutions for good! Zelna says, “This is a “give-back” initiative that offers a mentoring system for children to set goals that last a lifetime and not just for the month of January.”
This is a task that is not easily achieved when you are questioning the status quo that has been the norm for four millennia. It all dates back to the ancient Romans who made promises to their Janus who was their god of new beginnings and whom January is named after.
Zelna says, “Traditionally people target the disadvantaged or the vulnerable when committing to a charity project.” She maintains that this project is for all kids because there should be no distinction, because of their race, religion, demographic, culture, background or abilities. Zelna’s call to action is to break down the divides that separate children by inspiring them to create their own legacy.
The Zeal Kids Revolution is a global mentorship project that aims to recruit 1000 volunteers by January 2015. By volunteering to work with a group of children for only 4 hours a month, you will receive Child Motivation Expert, Zelna’s free training, materials, mentorship and support. Make 2015 your best year yet by educating, motivating and inspiring kids for life!