Smart Coos is an educational website that provides language immersion opportunities for children from 0-8 years old so that they may be multilingual.

Online PR News – 12-August-2014 – West Palm Beach – EMBARGOED FOR RELEASE
THURSDAY, AUGUST 14, 2014 at 12 noon EST / 9 AM PST

Is There Hope for Monolingual Parents Who Desire to Raise Multilingual Children?

WEST PALM BEACH, Florida – August 14, 2014 - Smart Coos, Inc. today announced the August 14th launch of its new web-based language learning product for babies and children, newborns to age 8, and their parents. Smart Coos, established in July 2014, creates an e-learning language community for babies and children by providing their parents with books, videos and tutors on its subscription-based website. Babies and children, even with monolingual parents, can currently learn up to four languages: French, English, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. Early childhood educators may also use Smart Coos to facilitate teaching a foreign language to young students. Those interested in pre-ordering Smart Coos may do so here. To celebrate its launch, for a limited time, Smart Coos is offering discounts, up to 30%, on pre-orders.

It is advantageous for children to learn a foreign language as early as possible. A new study shows that the first 2,000 days of a baby’s life is the golden period when a baby can learn any language effortlessly. According to research by Dr. Patricia Kuhl, a brain development expert, the brains of babies and toddlers are “like little computers” that “tak[e] statistics” of the number of words they hear in each language. Furthermore, other studies show that the multilingual brain has a higher level of cognitive and executive function.

Smart Coos aims to fill the void in the market for appropriate and efficient language resources for monolingual parents, who realize the critical impact of speaking multiple languages at an early age. “Parents now understand that newborns have a very unique opportunity to learn more than one language and that this window narrows quickly as their baby ages,” said Smart Coos co-founder and CEO Mirta Desir. “Smart Coos solves the number one problem of parents who want to help their children to become fluent in another language – by providing them with the tools to do it at their convenience.”

Smart Coos’ features include:
• Tools to learn Mandarin Chinese, French, Spanish and English
• Weekly language sessions with a Smart Coos language tutor.
• Books that are read aloud in the provided languages.
• Specialized learning tools for parents to teach the provided languages to their infants.
• Snack-size language videos accompanied by sign language for preverbal children.
• Early infant-potty-training techniques.
• Smart Coos smartphone and tablet applications.

Early bird pricing will start at $39.95 for a one-month access and last only for 3 days. For the remainder of the campaign, a one-month access of Smart Coos can be purchased for $43, Smart Coos will retail for about $45 a month. Via Selfstarter, the open-sourced crowdfunding platform, the Smart Coos pre-order campaign will run through September 15, 2014. Smart Coos aims to raise $20,000 via the campaign to enhance its innovative product. The Smart Coos website will go live this upcoming winter.

Dr. Kuhl’s research also emphasizes that children learn a language best with human interaction, not via the passive watching of a computer screen. With Smart Coos, interaction amongst baby, parent and the Smart Coos interface is key to multilingual success. Smart Coos is tailored to cater to each child’s language learning skills from birth. “It is the only product of its kind that helps a child become multilingual without a multilingual parent,” said Desir. “Our users refer to it as the ‘Rosetta Stone for babies and toddlers.’ ”

About Smart Coos
Established in 2014 by Mirta Desir and Harold Jean-Louis, Smart Coos imagines and creates a world where each child has the opportunity to become multilingual with the help of monolingual parents. Smart Coos’ disruptive technology provides all the tools a parent needs to raise a multilingual child from birth. Smart Coos is based in West Palm Beach, Florida.