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08/12/2014 presents a report on “India - Telecoms, Mobile, Broadband and Forecasts”. The mobile market was continuing to be driven by cheap call

Online PR News – 12-August-2014 – Navi Mumbai – Executive Summary
As India’s telecom market recovers from its recent turmoil, it looks towards a fresh period of growth
Growth in India’s huge mobile market had effectively stalled in 2012 and the market was looking very subdued coming into 2013. However, by early 2014 there were positive signs of a recovering market, following some major adjustments. There was also evidence that some serious restructuring was taking place.
Back in 2010/2011, mobile operators in India added around 370 million new subscribers to their networks, an average of 15 million per month over the two years, to bring the total number of subscribers to around 900 million by the start of 2012. However, in the twelve months that followed we saw some erratic behaviour of the subscriber base and by the year end there were just 865 million subscribers. The drop in subscriber numbers was a combination of falling customer demand and the effect of operators ‘cleaning out’ their data bases. The drop was predominantly in the urban markets with the rural subscriber base actually continuing to grow during this period.
Despite the big drop in mobile subscribers the key drivers were considered to still in place; the mobile market was continuing to be driven by cheap call rates, low handset prices and rising incomes among the hundreds of millions of the population that are described as the country’s middle class. While offering some of the lowest mobile tariffs in the world, India’s market had also been running for many years with one of the highest usage rates in the world with the average customer using around 500 minutes per month. (This had dropped to around 350 by 2013.) Additionally, the operators were continuing their push into the rural and remote parts of the country.
This report provides a comprehensive overview of the trends and developments in the telecommunications and digital media markets in India. Subjects covered include:
-Key statistics;
-Market and industry overviews;
-Regulatory environment;
-Major players (fixed and mobile);
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