AustraliaBPO launches its new web application system

AustraliaBPO proudly presents its newly built web application system-PHPayroll. It is an online payroll system developed for easy running of payroll

Online PR News – 12-August-2014 – Sandstone Point QLD – AustraliaBPO launches its newly developed web application system named PHPayroll. The PHPayroll system was made to eliminate the problems in making the payroll processes. This will be suitable for businesses who are looking for reliable and low-cost payroll solutions.

PHPayroll, is comprised of features that made payroll easy and fast. One thing that is catchy to the eyes is the logo of PHPayroll that resembles the Philippine flag.

“First and foremost, PHPayroll is Philippine-based system. It can accommodate foreign businesess as long as their companies are under the Philippine’s jurisdiction, only”, says Arron Mellick, CEO of AustraliaBPO.

PHPayroll strictly conforms with the Philippine labor codes and tax laws in integrating the system. This proved that PHPayroll is purely on the legal side and committed in helping the businesses to do their payroll in the most easy way, without putting the quality behind.

PHPayroll user interface

PHPayroll provides a simple yet informative user interface. The users can easily navigate the whole web app. The significant and further details are provided on each tab of the menu bar. The Pricing tab shows several subscription packages that the client can choose from. To know the features and benefits of the system, that can be swiftly found on the features tab.

Aside from the payroll features being highlighted in the system, users or clients can read some testimonials and featured articles put on the system’s interface. This will give the people additional information and knowledge about payroll and PHPayroll itself.

Guaranteed satisfaction

Like the other payroll system, PHPayroll delivers that precise and reliable core process of payroll. It shows off its features that can go along and may go beyond the other payroll system in the market. Since it is web-based system, users can access it online at his or her most convenient time.

PHPayroll deals with different computations of the employees gross and net pay, withholding taxes and other deductions. Payslips and other reports are automatically generated as well. With these features of PHPayroll, it assures the users to achieve 100% satisfaction.

About PHPayroll System

The PHPayroll system is a web-based application system, a project of AustraliaBPO. It aims to provide a quality payroll system to new and small businesses. It can cater to employers who manage at least hundreds of employees.

PHPayroll can get rid of the fuss and headache in doing payroll by delivering easy and accurate payroll process.
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About AustraliaBPO

AustraliaBPO is a 100% Australian-owned company and have been involved in call center and BPO industry for over 10 years. AustraliaBPO was established in 1996 and has successfully operated in USA, Australia and Philippines.
Its outsourcing services range from inbound call center services, outbound call center services, back office services and call center seat lease service. AustraliaBPO has additional services such as website development, content writing and SEO.

AustraliaBPO understands that clients need to “Try before they Buy” and at the same time they have to cover their expenses. With its continuous growth, AustraliaBPO offers an initial of $4 rate per outsourcing services. It ensures that clients will be satisfied with the services even if it is cheaper than what others charge.

AustraliBPO aims to constantly strive to meet or exceed the clients’ needs and expectations of good service and selection by maintaining employees who are value-driven and exhibit positive work attitude.

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