Jupiter Support Announces Most Advanced FBI Virus Removal Service for Ultimate Protection of PC

The virus removal specialists from Jupiter Support specialize in fixing FBI Virus Online and can remotely diagnose, detect & remove malicious viruses.

Online PR News – 12-August-2014 – Suite 444, Scottsdale – The virus removal specialists from Jupiter Support specialize in fixing FBI Virus Online and can remotely diagnose, detect & remove malicious viruses from the PC and laptops. Moreover, they even offer online training to their clients to prevent future virus threats!

Jupiter support, one of the premier providers of computer repair services & technical support for customers worldwide is pleased to announce the launch of its most up-to-date and highly advanced FBI Virus Removal Service. Their team comprises of experts familiar with the most stubborn FBI Virus on PCs & Laptops who can easily remove these threats and cure the infected PC.
With so many computer users these days, it has become quite easy for the hackers to target them through new viruses, primarily meant for extorting money out of them. One of the most notorious viruses that have been making round of news quite lately is the “FBI Virus”. It is a nasty virus that falsely claims that the FBI has taken control of the PC due to its link with illegal activity. Moreover, it takes the control of PC’s web cam and makes it appear like as if the image is being streamed to the agency. It disables the system features and prevents the user from accessing files or folders in the computer. The worst part is that it threatens the user to pay a $200 fine within 72 hours through MoneyPak online payment system in order to unlock the PC and prevent from being prosecuted. Once the victim submits his financial or personal details to such messages, the cyber criminals act immediately and drain all the funds from the victim’s bank.
However, considering the seriousness of this issue, Jupiter Support has launched its comprehensive FBI Virus Removal Service that has been specially created for the removal of FBI Virus on Computer/Laptop. They have a team of experts who can effectively remove such viruses from all brands of computer and laptops. Besides, their FBI Moneypak Virus Removal service comes with an online training too, that can help clients better understand the threat from such viruses and effectively deal with it in future.
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Jupiter Support is an online security firm that specializes in removing all sorts of viruses, spywares and threats from the system. Their aim is to provide quality services with 100% customer satisfaction.
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