SunSaver Farm with DEGERenergie tracking systems is presented with "Agricultural Award of Excellence"

Arntjen Solar, a company of the Arntjen Group International, specializes in the sales of photovoltaic systems. SunSaver 1 is fitted with MLD (Maximum Light Detection) tracking systems from the German manufacturer DEGERenergie.\r\n

Online PR News – 03-August-2010 – – They are one of the pioneers in the Canadian solar market - and they are successful: Elfie and Chris Nielsen from Arntjen North America, with their SunSaver Solar Farm 1, won second place in the "Innovation" category of the "2010 Agricultural Award of Excellence". "We are overjoyed to have won a prize with our SunSaver project in this important competition", said a happy Elfie Nielsen.

On the 1 hectare area of the SunSaver Solar Farm 1, there are currently eight solar trackers from the German manufacturer DEGERenergie, with a capacity of 18 MWh per year per tracker. There are plans to expand this to a total of twelve tracking systems, which would enable the plant feed up to 210 MWh per year into the power network of Oxford County, Ontario - enough to cover close to 10 percent of the entire energy requirements of the community of Innerkip, where the plant is located.

"With its solar power generation, our plant reduces greenhouse emissions by around 100 tons per year", explains Elfie Nielsen. The high appraisal of the project at the Agricultural Award of Excellence shows "that we have captured the spirit of the times with the first solar farm of this kind in Oxford County." For the future, it is planned to implement further SunSaver projects together with Arntjen Solar North America.

DEGERenergie GmbH: Operating in the Canadian market for over two years

German manufacturer DEGERenergie has been operating in the Canadian market for more than two years and already complies with the "local content" conditions the government in Ontario has imposed from 2011. Rolf Maurer, Vice President of Arntjen Solar North America: "What legislators want especially are manageable projects that can also be financed and operated by smaller municipalities, agricultural outfits or cooperative societies. We have planned our SunSaver 1 pilot study accordingly even before the microFIT program was established".

Arntjen Solar has lately been offering turnkey systems in Ontario based on the experiences and calculations the company has gathered in various Canadian provinces, and in other countries. "A typical configuration is either two 5000HD DEGERtrakers or one 7000NT DEGERtraker, depending on the wind-load or snow-load region", explains Artur Deger, managing director of DEGERenergie.

Compared to fixed tracking systems, MLD (Maximum Light Detection) technology from DEGERenergie brings up to 46 percent more yield.

DEGERenergie was founded in 1999 by Artur Deger and today is the world market leader in solar tracking systems. Worldwide, more than 30,000 DEGERenergie systems are installed in 38 countries. The company is represented in Spain, Greece and North America with its own subsidiaries and cooperates with local distribution and service partners in many countries across the world.

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About DEGERenergie (
Headquartered in Horb am Neckar, Germany, DEGERenergie is a global producer of leading-edge products. Founded by Artur Deger in 1999, the company is now the global market leader for solar tracking systems, with more than 30,000 systems installed in 38 countries. The company currently has a staff of 40, with DEGERenergie suppliers employing an estimated further 340 employees.
As a company, the focus of DEGERenergie's philosophy and activities is the design, development and manufacture of tracking systems to control photovoltaic modules in solar technology systems. Operators who deploy these tracking systems will see significantly better utilization of solar energy than with static systems, since installations working with DEGERenergie systems can achieve improvements in energy yield of up to 45 percent. In 2001, the German state of Baden-Württemberg presented its Inventor Award to the patented control module DEGERconecter: today, more than 57,000 units have been deployed worldwide.

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