Mastering the Mental Edge Unveils a Breakthrough Program For Achieving Your Goals and Dreams

Coach Mike Basevic reveals “The Class They Don’t Teach You in School” and provides a powerful road map for success that will revolutionize the way you think

Online PR News – 12-August-2014 – Hinsdale – Coach Mike Basevic reveals “The Class They Don’t Teach You in School” and provides a powerful road map for success that will revolutionize the way you think
CHICAGO, IL– May, 2014 – Late in Super Bowl XLI, the Chicago Bears desperately needed points when kicker Robbie Gould stepped up and drilled a 44-yard field goal in front of millions of eye anxiously watching the biggest kick of his life. Professional sports are packed full of stories where athletes fail in these exact situations, so what’s the difference that led to Gould’s success? Mastering the mental edge using the No Limits program.
“No Limits has been very beneficial to my performance on Sundays,” says Gould. “Working with Coach Mike and No Limits is what makes all the difference.
Coach Mike Basevic, a nationally-recognized behavioral strategist, performance coach, author and speaker for world-class young and professional athletes, has released his first inspirational book to serve as a step-by-step mental blueprint for life so you can share the same formula for success used by Gould and other All-Star athletes. The program is proven to produce results 100 percent of the time when followed. The book not only aims to unlock the secret to The Secret, but also provides the missing link to why The Secret hasn’t worked for most people.
“Everything we believe has been told to us or shown to us, is based on our perception of what we have seen and experienced, consciously or subconsciously,” said Coach Mike. “Once we have been ‘conditioned and programmed’ to see the negatives, it’s almost impossible to see anything else.”’
No Limits Mental Edge is a powerful mental cleanse that teaches individuals how to free themselves from all of the toxins, mind viruses and emotional baggage that are built up through life-long conditioning as well as past experiences.”
Founded and created by Coach Mike himself, the No Limits program gives young people a path to empower themselves to reach their full potential. The program consists of private coaching sessions, group or team workshops, seminars, tele-seminars, the newly released book, an audio program and The No Limits Nation,a program sweeping the country.
No Limits Nation is a powerful and proven program that inspires young people to spring into action to create a future they will be passionate about. By joining No Limits Nation, kids can put an end to bullying, become motivated and reverse the trend of ADHD over-diagnosis – all by learning to focus on what’s important to them.The program also teaches young people why they are experiencing the emotions they are experiencing and how to quickly move past the limiting fears, as they are known to shut many young minds down which eventually will lead to more serious issues. No Limits Nation results in happy, inspired, grateful, excited young people, who skyrocket towards finding their passion and reaching their full potential.

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No Limits is on a mission to give students, parents, young athletes, professional athletes, coaches, and schools, a powerful formula to create mind-blowing results. What began in 2007 as a venture to help young athletes reach their true potential, No Limits has grown and is exploding performances both on and off the field. No Limits goes beyond inspiration and motivation to deliver concrete tools you can use every day to break through current limitations and reach new levels of athletic, academic, and personal success.

No Limits Founder and Creator Coach Mike Basevic, is a nationally-recognized behavioral strategist, performance coach, author, and speaker who has been training athletes of all ages for two decades. With a track record of entrepreneurship that includes building strong teams and individuals from sports to business, Coach Mike is dedicated to helping each person realize their full performance potential. During his years working with top athletes, Coach Mike studied why certain players excel at crunch time while others fail. This journey uncovered the truths of human behavior: how we use our minds, emotions, and other internal factors to create our results, both good and bad. He began to track the mental strategies used by consistently successful athletes and implemented them in his coaching with both teams and individuals, building the foundation for No Limits. With these groundbreaking discoveries, Coach Mike founded No Limits to empower athletes to create their own success, purpose, and happiness – both on and off the field. Today, the principles shared through Coach Mike’s book, workshops, coaching, and the No Limits Nation are transforming performance from the court to the classroom. Now students, schools, professional athletes, and even competitive businesses are using No Limits to get the edge over their competition and create the life they truly want to live.