REC Bike Lights Announces The Launch Of Their Brand New Bike Headlight

Amazon now distributes R.E.C.'s newest Bike Light.

Online PR News – 10-August-2014 – Oklahoma City/OK – Ollie Davis went mountain biking late one evening last summer. He ascended a few miles, and then it was time to come back. What should have been a relatively fast descend turned into a few hours trying to find his way back to the car. The sun had gone behind the mountains, and the intertwining trails weren't as apparent as they were on the way up.

The next morning Mr. Davis purchased a bike light so this wouldn't happen again. He also bought a few for his children for neighborhood riding. This led to Mr. Davis developing his own light that would be fit for the hardcore mountain biker, street cyclist or the child who was riding home late at night from the neighbors down the block.

"If you spend anytime on your bike, then this is light is a must have," says Mr. Davis, who now oversees REC (recreation) Bike Lights. In addition, another feature of the bike light is that it doubles as a camping flashlight. Simply release it from the handle bar bike mount and in seconds, you have a light for all your camping needs.

Founded in 2014 REC Bike Lights quickly becoming a trusted brand. The idea behind the light is to make one safer during recreation, whether that is in the hills or on the road. Whether an adult is cycling or a child is playing with friends.

"Accessories are meant to save people time and create an advantage, our light does both," Mr. Davis says. "Those who want to make their bike more functional then this makes sense. It provides a safety feature that most parents and cyclist overlook."

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