Paul Greene and SEC Experts Work to Protect Seniors' Money with Helpful Advice

Paul Greene and SEC experts understand how important your money is to you, and they want you to protect it.

Online PR News – 09-August-2014 – Rockville, MD – Unfortunately, professional scam artists are everywhere, and are always seeking to make a buck from someone they believe is vulnerable and easy target. Often times, says Paul Greene and SEC experts, that easy target just happens to be a member of the elderly population, someone who has worked hard their entire life in order to achieve financial security and to live out their retirement years in relative peace and security.

Paul Greene and SEC experts understand that fraudsters often tend to focus on the elderly population, zeroing in on people they believe will provide them the easiest way to make buck. Unfortunately, though, many of these fraudsters end up being successful, ultimately draining the Seniors’ bank account and leaving them little more than in a state of financial ruin.

Paul Greene and SEC experts want to help Seniors protect their money from fraud, and to avoid flimsy investment schemes and angles at any and all cost. There are ways, as they know, that Seniors can protect themselves and their finances from potentially fraudulent investment scams.


Don’t Rush Anything

Avoid impetuosity, particularly when it comes to a “once in a lifetime” investment opportunity the salesperson is trying to rush you into. Be skeptical of anyone or any “company” that claims to have an “act now” investment opportunity that will only be available for a short period of time. Take your time, says Paul Greene and SEC experts, to carefully research and vet both the company and the salesperson before making the commitment.

Watch Out for Unsolicited Opportunities

Some investment scams, as Paul Greene and SEC experts are aware, come in the form of unsolicited offers, such as a fax, email or a posting on an Internet bulletin board. Many undesirable stocks and opportunities are advertised this way because fraudsters want to quickly and easily garner the victim’s attention. In other words, they know they work. Be wary of these so-called “opportunities”, as many involve little known and flimsy stocks that no professional would touch.

Keep an Eye on Every Investment

Never take an investment professional’s word for it on your investment. Be sure, says Paul Greene and SEC experts, to carefully monitor the progress, or lack thereof, of your financial investment, and to keep records of its status as well as any conversations you have with the professional. Because it’s your money, you need to stay on top of it as much as you can. Too often will someone place their blind trust in someone they don’t really know.

Ask Why You Can’t Receive Profit or Principal

If your investment professional is stalling or refusing to answer why you aren’t able to receive the principal or profits on your investment, says Paul Greene and SEC experts, press them until they give you an answer. Often times a scammer will do their best to avoid the subject or to distract you with long and needless explanations as to why your profits aren’t available, simply because they’ve already pocketed your money. Press them as much as you can.

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