Prakash Poornan Offers Amazon Packing Advice

Prakash Poornan has spent time in Brazil and understands how easy it is to overpack and take the wrong gear so he shares these helpful tips.

Online PR News – 09-August-2014 – Tulsa Oklahoma – Prakash Poornan knows that many people traveling to Brazil are planning on an excursion into the Amazon. If you are going to Brazil how could you not at least plan for a day hike? With a number of small hotels opening up along the banks of the Amazon, traveling in the Rainforest is easier than ever.

That being said if you are going to be in the Amazon Rainforest for more than a couple days, You will want to hire a trusted tour guide who can help lead you safely on your journey. That tour guide can also provide you with a packing list. For those who are just going for a couple days the list is a bit easier and you definitely do not need as much. Some of the clothes that Prakash Poornan recommends you take are:

• Long Sleeved Shirts. Preferably the kind that repels water. Columbia makes a nice bug guard shirt that is long sleeve. It is moisture wicking, has UPF 30, sun protection, is anti-microbial, and it has the Columbia insect blocker built in. Whatever Shirts you decide to take with you, the UPF protection, moisture wicking and long sleeve are very important.
• Some moisture wicking t-shirts are also very important to wear under your long sleeve jungle shirts, not too tight, and they will be great.
• Two pears of pants are ideal. This way you can have one pair you are wearing when you are washing the other pair. These you also want to be full length, lightweight and breathable. You probably want a set of clothes just to wear in the evening when you are in your tent or lodge, comfortable and long sleeved. A pair of slip on style shoes that are comfortable are great so you can be outside and not worry about getting bites.
• You are going to need two pairs of shoes and a pair of wellington boots. The boots may be provided top you by the hotel but don’t count on it and check before hand. Wellington boots will make life much better since you will often be walking through streams and standing water. Merrill and Columbia both make great trail hiking comfortable shoes that are built for this environment. You will also want a pair of waterproof, comfortable sandals. Don’t forget a pair to wear in the evenings. Yes, a different pair, as you will not want to wear the others by the end of the day.
• Another important part is to remember, Pack a clean set of clothes you can leave at the lodge or somewhere safe. You can then change into them when you leave the jungle. The other clothes are going to be in very bad shape by the end of the trip.
• A Rain Jacket is, of course, very important, however, on top of your rain Jacket, bring a heavy-duty poncho. These are essential in the rainy season and helpful the rest of the year as well.
• You will want a hat that is waterproof. Something that protects from the sun and from the rain, is light, and is packable. Baseball caps will not cut it. Instead get an “Indiana Jones” style hat you can wear anywhere. Something that can take some serious abuse is recommended as well as a hat with a strap on it.

About: Prakash Poornan lopves to travel and his time in Brazil helps him understand some of what is important to take when traveling through the Amazon.