Jeff Nourse of Toronto Outlines the Benefits of the MiraDry Excessive Sweating Treatment

Jeff Nourse of Toronto, founder of the New You Medical Spa, is proud to continue offering the MiraDry treatment, effectively mitigate excessive sweating.

Online PR News – 09-August-2014 – Toronto, Canada – Excessive sweating can be a real hassle, and can often have a highly negative impact on an individual’s confidence and well-being. Jeff Nourse of Toronto, the leader of the New You Med Spa team, understands how difficult it can be for people struggling to cope with the excessive sweating condition, something that impacts the way a person communicates and interacts with other people.

As head of New You, Jeff Nourse of Toronto has always been on the hunt for advanced and effective ways to help restore his client’s self-confidence and ability to be successful members of society. His team is known throughout the area for delivering exciting and effective cosmetic treatments, procedures that can not only improve a client’s appearance, but that can also help them regain the confidence, self-respect and happiness they’ve been missing. The MiraDry excessive sweating treatment, offered through Jeff Nourse of Toronto and the New You team, can help to eliminate the embarrassment that persistent sweating often creates, delivering real results in a very short period of time.

Below, Jeff Nourse of Toronto works to educate potential New You clients on the benefits of the MiraDry procedure.


The MiraDry treatment method, says Jeff Nourse of Toronto, is one of the fastest known and most advanced ways to eliminate the impact of excessive sweat. Provided in just two short treatments at any one of numerous New You locations throughout the Greater Toronto Area, MiraDry works fast to rid clients of what can a major blow to individual self-confidence.


Never requiring invasive surgery, says Jeff Nourse of Toronto, the MiraDry method involves the use of targeted energy, effectively removing the underarm sweat glands without scarring or the need for needles, surgical tools, etc. MiraDry removes your sweat glands quickly, ridding you of the source of your excessive sweating issues without ever puncturing or negatively effecting your skin or the region the glands reside.

Lasting Results

Once the MiraDry method effectively removes the sweat glands from underneath your arms, says Jeff Nourse of Toronto, you can be confident in knowing that your excessive sweating problem is truly a thing of the past. Many satisfied clients continue to experience no excessive sweating problems following the MiraDry procedure, forever without the worry and frustration of excessive underarm sweat or the problems it causes.

No Harsh Chemicals or Toxins

As an FDA-Approved technology, says Jeff Nourse of Toronto, MiraDry never relies on the use of harsh chemicals or needless toxins to work. An energy-based procedure, the advanced MiraDry technology is proven to work far better than conventional sweating treatments, and won’t ever present a threat to your health or body.

About: MiraDry works, says Jeff Nourse of Toronto, because it attacks excessive sweating at the source, eliminating its roots and allowing the client to be free of the burden of excessive underarm sweat for the rest of their lives. Two simple and effective MiraDry treatments is all anyone needs to experience a lifestyle free of the issue of excessive sweat, providing a major boost to self-confidence and providing the client the opportunity to focus on the things that really matter.