Valitar Plans to Tour the U.S. After Grand Opening at Del Mar Fairgrounds

Producers Mark and Tatyana Remley promise to bring their new show to audiences across the country.

Online PR News – 09-August-2014 – San Diego, CA – Valitar is a new kind of equine-human show that combines trapeze artists with trick riding. Producers Mark and Tatyana Remley are currently anticipating the world premiere of Valitar at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in San Diego, but they say that spectators across the country will soon be able to see their new production.

Director Sylvia Zerbini has helped the Remley’s develop a show that features the most exciting aspects of acrobatics and thrill riding in Valitar. In addition to helping orchestrate the production, Zerbini helps make sure that each trapeze artist and horse is well taken care of throughout rehearsals and performances.

After working so hard to create such a unique experience for our audience

Although her job entails many responsibilities, Zerbini plans to continue her individual care visits while Valitar is touring. The stress of performing and touring combined can create unexpected injuries for both performers and horses. She wants to ensure that everyone stays healthy for every city they visit.

The Remley’s are happy to tour with Valitar after investing so much energy into planning and organizing the production. They also believe in the message communicated through Valitar: that there is a unique bond between horses and humans that should be appreciated by all.

The tour will take Valitar across the country to several major cities. The production crew will also set up the 45,000 square foot tent for each performance so that all spectators can have the full experience of Valitar. The Remley’s look forward to touring so they can connect with fellow horse-enthusiasts and share their vision through Valitar and more. The team of producers also enjoy getting to see different parts of the country, and they say they are looking forward to visiting new cities.

The production still requires some additional rehearsals before they are ready to begin regular performances of Valitar. The cast and crew work together daily to perfect their performances and becoming stronger in their stunts. Zerbini continues to focus on the details of each routine in Valitar to figure out the appropriate timing of each element. The pressure can cause disasters in high-intensity shows like Valitar, so making sure there is a plan for every part of the production is essential. Zerbini has become well respected by cast and crew members because of her attention to detail throughout rehearsals for Valitar.

The Remley’s and Zerbini are looking forward to the world premiere after months of working on Valitar. “It will be such a rewarding experience to finally see people experience this amazing creation we have been perfecting for so many months,” says Valitar producer Mark Remley. The cast features respected trapeze artists from around the world and talented horses that have trained to perform intricate routines in sync with the acrobatics.

After months of preparation, the Remley’s say that they are eager to share their vision with horse-lovers across America in Valitar. “After working so hard to create such a unique experience for our audience,” Tatyana Remley says, “we don’t want anyone to miss an opportunity to see Valitar, which is why we’ve chosen to tour after the world premiere in San Diego.”

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