New Century Technology Limited, The Most Popular Name In The Field Of Custom Flash Drives Industry

NCT is one of the most reputed companies that specializes in the manufacturing and selling of wide range of custom flash drives and promotional flash drives at the right prices.

Online PR News – 03-August-2010 – – Luohu Dist, Shenzhen - Flash drives or USB devices are very popular electronic storage devices because of the convenience and the ease of their use. As opposed to CDs and DVDs flash drives are much easier to use as they have much higher capacity and they allow the users to reuse them as many times as they like without any problem. Data stored in CDs and DVDs are easily subjected to risks as even minor scratches can corrupt the data stored. Today flash drives have come a long way in terms of their capacity. Today customers can get their flash drives in various shapes and sizes. They have become as common as key chains. New Century Technology Limited, which is popularly known as NCT specializes in the manufacturing and marketing of custom flash drives. NCT has been one of the most reputed custom USB drives manufacturing company since 2005.
NCT manufactures custom USB Flash drives in many interesting shapes and designs. Their custom flash drives also enjoy very good reputation in the market as the most reliable electronic storage device. They manufacture and supply both traditional custom flash drives as well as high end custom USB drives. When it comes to flash drives, the quality of the drive and its reliability are crucial because people store highly valuable information and data in these storage devices. In many cases, people depend totally on their USB drives for all their crucial business data when they are travelling. So it is vital that only good quality custom flash drives are used. Along these lines, NCT flash drives stand out as the most dependable electronic storage devices.
New Century Technology Limited (NCT) also specializes in manufacturing promotional flash drives. As almost everyone uses flash drives today, there cannot be a better promotional item. Many companies use promotional USB flash drives as their preferred promotional product to reach out to their customers. When it comes to promotional products, companies cannot take chances with the quality of the products used. If they use promotional logo flash drives that are of poor quality, then it will reflect directly on the quality of the products that are being promoted. This will create negative impact on the entire promotional campaign. So to save themselves from all such problems, many companies prefer to use promotional flash drives from NCT which has been one of the most trusted brands since 2005. For more detailed information please visit