Cloud Hosting Provider Beefs Up Affiliate Program
08/02/2010, a premier provider of Cloud Hosting services that allows website owners to managed their Cloud Accounts with cPanel/WHM announced an increased payout to its Affiliates. The commission that company pays to Affiliates per sale of Reseller Cloud Hosting plan now reaches €116.56 ($152.50) per sale.

Online PR News – 02-August-2010 – – announced today that its Affiliates are now making more money when sending new Cloud Hosting customers to the company.

The company has raised its Standard Affiliate Commission Rate (per sale rate) from 18% to 20%. The new rate allows Affiliates to earn €60 - €240 more on annual basis, depending of the volume of sales on their Affiliate Accounts. The Cloud host has told the IT media that now the lowest possible commission it pays per sale (the one for 1 month subscription) is €21.80 ($28.45). It applies to Affiliates who bring a new customer of sCloud (Shared Cloud Hosting) service plan. has specified that 75% of its sCloud customers usually choose to sign up an annual contract, because this cuts their costs for Cloud hosting services to only €20/month.

"The average commission our Affiliates usually earn is €48 ($63) per sale. We pay such commission when they bring us new customer who signs up annual contract of sCloud service plan. This rate is higher than those Shared Hosting providers offer. Plus it is not the highest commission rate Affiliates can earn with us. Plus Shared and Reseller plans are fancy and people like them!", says Dimitar Avramov, founder and CEO of

He has also added that when Affiliates send to his company new customers of RCloud (Reseller Cloud Hosting) service plan, they can receive commission of €116.56 ($152.50) per sale? Such commission is added to their Affiliate Accounts when a new Cloud Reseller Account owner signs up for annual subscription on RCloud, a Cloud Reseller plan, manageable through cPanel's "Root and Reseller Admin Panel".

" is a good partner to those website owners who are looking forward to making money out of referring consumers to providers of quality web hosting services. You have probably found out that is the Europe's premier provider of "cPanel armed" Cloud Hosting provider and one of the very few Shared and Reseller Cloud Hosting providers world-wide", explains the founder of and adds that the company's officials don't need to be demure and can say that they have achieved a lot since the launch of the Cloud at the end of 2009.

"Eight months after we announced, we are globally recognized provider of Cloud Hosting services based on the best L.A.M.P standards and Cloud computing practices. We are also the first ever Cloud hosting service to enable website owner to use cPanel/WHM control panel on the Shared Cloud environment", explains Mr. Avramov and says that company's leadership says "Thank you cPanel for your support".

The company's message to anyone who participates to its Cloud Affiliate Program is "Don't invest in Cloud computing. Just start making profit on the!" It has published a breakdown of the Affiliate payout on its Cloud Affiliate Program ( ) page.

The Cloud service provider has recently released a coupon code named "FREECLOUDSSL". The code gives to customers of sCloud (Shared Cloud Hosting) plan an opportunity to add Free 'Essential SSL' certificate to their cloud hosting service plans.

sCloud features 100 GB SAN storage replicated for redundancy, 1,000 GB premium monthly bandwidth and allows Cloud account owners to host up to 100 different websites as cPanel add-on domains. The customers of sCloud hosting plan manage their websites through cPanel's familiar interface 'Domain Owner Panel'. Their websites are hosted on a fully redundant, clustered infrastructure. The sCloud features IP load-balancing for the services featured in the hosting plan.

About is a EU based company established in 2006. It launched a Cloud hosting service at Q3 of 2009. It Cloud service is delivered from a fully redundant and scalable cluster architecture built on Red Hat Cluster Suite ( ) and on an enterprise hosting automation platform called Fuscan Linux Cloud ( features load-balancing of IP based virtual hosts in cPanel/WHM. Thanks to cPanel/WHM automation layer called Fuscan EHA the IT hosting provider allows its customers to migrate to a cloud hosting environment risk-free and to continue using their favorite hosting control panel cPanel/WHM.

The company maintains Redundant Network ( which allows the cloud service provider to guarantee 100% network up-time. The company hosts its infrastructure in 3DC, a state-of-the-art data center based in European Union, Sofia, Bulgaria ( ).

The average round-trip delay (RTT) time for European home users who ping ranges from 10 ms to 60 ms. Pinged from London is reachable for 47 ms, from Ljubljana, Slovenia - 35 ms, from Paris - 71 ms, from Madrid - 77, from Berlin - 47 ms, from Sofia, Bulgaria - 1.5 ms, etc. The average RTT for Israel is 97 ms.

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