Ashley Turner Doyle Soon to Release Newest Poetry Collection For Children

Ashley Turner Doyle, an award-winning travel writer, applies her experience in motherhood to embrace a new, much younger audience.

Online PR News – 13-August-2014 – Charleston, SC – When it comes to transitioning from a travel writer's life to motherhood, Ashley Turner Doyle knows exactly how to get it done. With a plethora of awards and recognition under her belt, Doyle has taken her writing talent to unprecedented levels and shows no signs of slowing down.

Ashley Turner Doyle is now working on the release of her latest poetry collection, "The Beauty of Color", which she believes while inspire hope and creativity in young children.

A South Carolina native, Doyle quickly hit the road after getting her JD from Loyola University. She found herself blessed with an unexpected opportunity to work as a travel writer. She has had the good fortune of traveling to Rwanda, where her in-depth study of mountain gorillas gained the attention of travel journalism moguls such as Lonely Planet and Highlights for Children. But what was happening behind the scenes influenced her in ways she never expected. While Ashley Turner Doyle spent her mornings venturing deep into the jungle, she spent her afternoons in the nearby villages, chronicling the lives on film of young village children. She connected with many of these kids and found that the true beauty in what she was doing was being able to document people’s day to day ordinary lives and share it with the Western World. Now having traveled farther from home than ever before, Doyle figured she would keep going. She always had an interest in Indian culture, which led her to Mumbai. Upon landing, she immediately noticed men in streets who were hoisting crates over their heads that carried a variety of lunch pails. Doyle's curiosity sparked, and thus her popular piece on Mumbai's dabbawalas was conceived.

While dabbawala subculture kept her plenty occupied, Doyle's fascination with wildlife persevered. So when the opportunity arose for her to go to China and do work on the Chengdu Panda Research Center, Doyle knew her third overseas contract would be the perfect ending to a long time spent abroad.

Several years and countries later, it was time for Ashley Turner Doyle to return to the United States. She was welcomed home with a multitude of awards for her work abroad and had found ways to keep her writing career alive domestically. She started to raise two children, and was now embracing new ways to share her stories of exploration in a manner that spoke to a younger generation.

With most young kids lacking particular interest in bland journalism, it was through her children that Doyle ultimately developed an interest in writing poetry. In 2013, she entered her first poetry competition and ended up taking first place. It was then that she discovered a hidden talent, one that refreshed her overall approach to writing.

Fast forward a year, and Doyle is now in talks with Dutton Books over publishing her latest work, The Beauty of Color, a collection of children's poems meant to encourage young minds to dream and to explore, a credo that drove Doyle throughout her own professional accomplishments.

Be on the lookout for The Beauty of Color and other works to come from Ashley Turner Doyle, an extraordinary writer with an ever-filling agenda.