Jonas and Sarie Abney Provide Tips for Better, More Efficient Living In New York City

Jonas and Sarie Abney say that by being careful, you can save money and enjoy life in NYC

Online PR News – 12-August-2014 – New York, New York – Jonas and Sarie Abney make their home in New York City, and believe, along with countless others, that it is the greatest city in the world. They wouldn't want to live anywhere else. But Jonas and Sarie Abney also know that first-time visitors to New York can be a little intimidated by the vast metropolis: the city not only never sleeps, it never seems to stop moving. And so they have some tips for people who are thinking about relocating to the Big Apple.

The first thing to bear in mind, say Jonas and Sarie Abney, is that no one moves to New York because the apartments are so wonderful; they move there because – well, because it's New York. Jonas and Sarie Abney recommend newcomers live in the least expensive place they can deal with. Above all, they say don't move into a place where rent will mean half of your paycheck. Look for a tiny studio or one bedroom apartment, or share a place with someone. Chances are you aren't going to spend all that much time in your place. When you aren't at work, you'll probably be checking out restaurants, shows, and all the other great things that New York has to offer.

That's their advice on apartments. When it comes to food, Jonas and Sarie Abney caution you to avoid smaller, mom-and-pop style stores. They've got a bigger markup than other places. Jonas and Sarie Abney say budget-conscious New Yorkers go to Fairway, Costco, or Trader Joe's for most of their groceries. Fairway, in particular, says a great selection of groceries, especially for vegetarian and organic food choices. They'll also deliver your groceries for less than ten dollars, although Jonas and Sarie Abney say Fairway doesn't deliver frozen items.

Jonas and Sarie Abney recommend you make your own coffee, too. That will cut down on the expense of going to coffee shops. They say that if you like to go to coffee shops with Internet access, you might want to check out one of Manhattan's many public libraries, many of which allow you to bring in your own coffee and stay as long as you like. And you can get on the Internet for free.

Another great cost-cutting idea to make life in New York more affordable, say Jonas and Sarie Abney, is to start doing things for yourself. Do your own laundry, cleaning and cooking. Don't dry clean your clothes except for your winter coat. Don't buy things that are dry-clean only unless you're prepared to wash them anyway. Laundromats can charge as much as two dollars a pound to launder your clothes for you, and Jonas and Sarie Abney say it just isn't worth it. Many apartment buildings have a laundry room, so save the laundry for a day when you can work at home during cycles.

Finally, Jonas and Sarie Abney say you can save a lot of money by buying food and basic clothing items from online stores like Amazon. They say you can really cut down on costs that way. With Amazon subscriptions you can have certain products delivered to you on a regular basis. Amazon's prices are the same in New York as anywhere else, and shipping is free with orders over a certain amount.