Piece of the Past Celebrates Over 30 Years in Business

World leader in entertainment memorabilia Piece of the Past celebrates over 30 years of business in Las Vegas.

Online PR News – 08-August-2014 – Las Vegas, NV – Piece of the Past is the world’s leading retail source for entertainment memorabilia. Specifically, Piece of the Past focuses on selling authentic autographs, props, and costumes from popular film and star celebrities. As a community leader and world leader, Piece of the Past is built on a business strategy that values quality, authenticity, and specialization. The company is proud to celebrate its 32 years of success within the industry.

Since the business’ inception, Piece of the Past resisted the urge to “do it all,” and instead focused exclusively on entertainment memorabilia. The organization does not offer autographs and collectables from sports, politics, or history, just entertainment and celebrity culture. This narrow focus has allowed Piece of the Past to retain the top position in the field for decades.

We’ve worked hard to make sure our customers whether they are investors or just people with a hobby of collecting are completely satisfied when they make a purchase here

After more than thirty years in business, Piece of the Past is still going strong and is even growing. When asked about what characteristics are most important in keeping a business alive for thirty years, owner Kevin Martin said honesty and quality are the two main traits that come to mind.

“We’ve worked hard to make sure our customers, whether they are investors or just people with a hobby of collecting, are completely satisfied when they make a purchase here,” Martin said. “And I think that is what keeps them coming back and what keeps us going.”

Piece of the Past offers a lifetime guarantee on all its products, and performs its own authentication process for all pieces of memorabilia. The company focuses its efforts on ensuring quality and authentic memorabilia instead of replicas and fillers. Piece of the Past has never sold a product that has come under question with the Universal Autograph Collectors Club in its thirty years of business.

The owner of Piece of the Past, Kevin Martin, also suggested: “We offer more interesting and more unique collectables than our competitors, and our customers know that. They want the items that no one else will have, not one of thousands of copies of an autographed poster.” As the largest wholesale retail source for entertainment collectables, Piece of the Past offers thousands of authentic, unique, and rare items. Iconic pieces of film history decorate the store, and sales over the last thirty years have included Al Pacino’s machine gun from Scarface, Jesse James’ Colt pistol, and Marlon Brandos’ signed personal script from The Godfather.

Another form of exclusive access Piece of the Past provides is through its private signing events. Piece of the Past has organized more than 4,000 private signings with top stars, including several who have never agreed to singing events with other companies. To date, Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn, Burt Reynolds, Ricardo Montalban, Sophia Loren, and Paul Newman are among the impressive celebrities who partnered with Piece of the Past.

For both vintage and modern entertainment memorabilia, Piece of the Past is the top choice for both buyers and sellers of collectables. For over thirty years it has provided Las Vegas residents and visitors with the top celebrity items. And more recently, Piece of the Past has broadened its reach across the world by providing access to its large warehouse via the internet.

About: Piece of the Past was founded thirty years ago in Las Vegas, Nevada and is the world’s largest source for entertainment memorabilia including authentic autographs, props, and costumes.