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EZwealthsolution.com reaching milestone of 1.5 million USD sales mark, and they also have become the first to hit 2 million USD in terms of commissions that are paid to their associates. EZ Wealth solution is your best choice to make only online and you can get full hundred percent payout on all sales.

Online PR News – 02-August-2010 – – A very uncommon achievement in industry was witnessed on Jun 20 of 2010. It was the news that EZwealthsolution.com reaching milestone of 1.5 million USD sales mark, and they also have become the first to hit 2 million USD in terms of commissions that are paid to their associates. EZ Wealth solution is your best choice to make only online and you can get full hundred percent payout on all sales.

There is less than one percent of opportunities for home based business which ever hit such a big milestone since we are aware that they don’t remain consistent with their payment plans which are focused towards company owners who enjoy most of benefits and not the associates and they also disappear within a short time.

While asked the reason for paying out complete hundred percent, the founder and CEO of EZ Wealth Solution, Ron Walsh stated that, he wanted people to make money online. He has served the industry for more than fifteen years and he knew that most of such programs are not focused towards average persons and completely geared towards benefits for company owners. He is fed up of such home based business programs which do not last beyond six months and the pay plan was simply useless script which kept failing continuously. This was the reason he aborted worked with such useless programs which he go involved with and founded the EZ Wealth solutions during May 2007.

He was clear that EZ Wealth solution must not be like other programs and make use of cookie-cutter scripts which could fail in six months or within a year and he created his own compensation plan which was designed bearing in mind the future associates. There are several program owners who have stated that they like their associated to make money, but they don’t give out anything pretty good and most people are fed up due to these type of scams. People are looking for chances to make money online and EZ wealth solutions is a good home based business for making money. EZ Wealth solution is only company which gives a payout of hundred percent which is very good for anyone who like to make online money.

There are several associated who make more than thousand dollars a month even starting from 1st month. There are associates making more than five thousand dollars a month and several associates who are very sincere and hard working have made more than 100,000 dollars during 1st year with their business and they should pay 10 dollars of admin fees to company. It is good to hear people who have lost lot of money online and they are very sentimental in thanking the founder of EZ Wealth solutions for having made such a wonderful payout system since this is the first time for them to make money online. The founder feels that he would be close to tears on hearing such touching stores and he feels great inside his heart. He wants everybody to be clear that payout of 1st million dollars was just a start for EZ Weal solutions and he has made up his vision for payout of 2 million dollars and he says the 2nd million would come much quicker.

Initially when EZ Wealth solutions was launched during 2007 December, there was video which expressed his industry background and how he developed websites and composed conference calls for various chances of online businesses which combined to make sales of millions of dollars and how he has used all his knowledge and experience into EZ Wealth solutions. He stated that he would make millions of dollars in sale which will be given to people as payouts.

Initially while doing the video he felt that people were saying that they have heard similar stories earlier. But he wonders what their responses are today. It’s because of false promise given by other similar websites in past and they were doubtful about this new business which would pay out million dollars. There are no ill feelings in him towards the people that doubted him and they might have missed the chance in 1st million and are welcome aboard for second, third and consecutive payouts. He says he is aware that many more millions will be paid out since he has the compensation plan for doing it and the start up cost is very low for such a top tier earning program. The Admin fee for every month is just 10 dollars and they have “Pay it Forward system” in which sponsor will pay 47$ (Package level 1) based on agreement for paying it forward to another person. Technically speaking, some one will initially start with 10 USD, and after finding the first referral, they shall pay forward 47 dollars. It definitely unfolds a global market and there are associated in all counties, even from place never heard before who have leveraged their path through five package levels in prices ranging from 47, 97, 247, 497 and 997 dollars.

The 5 product packages includes more than seven hundred software and digital products which have been split up into five packages and they have entire resale rights and few products also have master resale rights which allows in re-branding the product and naming it as if the product was created by you. People could individually sell products in their own method of they could sell through EZ Wealth pay plan (which is where money is) as packages.

This program is best home based business which has made it very simple for people to sell five product packages with the help of EZ Wealth pay plan. Also with the admin fees of ten dollars which they pay monthly, there are three websites with professional design, which can be used for marketing and it is member center with plenty of marketing tips and advertising techniques along with ad tracking software for tracking the online advertisements, a presentation which explains the working of the program, and there is also a cutting edge sales tracking software for tracking their sales.

Also whenever sales are made by an associate, the money is not handled by the company. They just connect Purchaser with Reseller and they have developed a payment plan between them. It helps associates to get paid on same day of making sales and they also could keep hundred percent of money.

Ron Walsh
CEO & Founder
EZ Wealth Solution

EZ Wealth solutions have stayed in market since August 2009 (twenty months) and it seems that they will survive for several years to come while heading towards a target of 2 million dollars as commission.

After experiencing the unique compensation plan, there is no doubt that it is geared completely towards benefits for associates and the payout of 2nd million will come quicker than 1st as this amazing opportunity for home based business has got more popular.

If you are not aware about this working from home opportunity, then you must know about EZ Wealth solutions in order to make money online and you will definitely love the hundred percent compensation plans which you will get everyday. In order to know further details about EZ Wealth solutions, you can visit http://www.easypaymentonline.com which is heir website. You can sign up for Free Tour and you will be able to see the member center and understand what they could offer for you. Also, you can watch the video presentation of How it Works in their website. EZ Wealth solution has emerged as one of top programs for home based business to make money online easily.

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