VoIPstudio’s Cutting Edge Plug-in Delights Users of SalesForce CRM

VoIPstudio have earned a reputation for building unique and innovative multi-purpose VoIP apps designed to simplify and improve the user experience.

Online PR News – 10-August-2014 – London – The free VoIP plug-in enables inbound and outbound call handling with SalesForce, meaning no more time wasted switching between applications.
SalesForce have long been considered one of the most innovative and best companies to work for in the world - and have the awards to prove it. Many of their programmes have become a staple in everyday business use, with their flagship CRM enabling companies to easily connect with clients and accurately keep track of their habits the world over.
In short, their products make it easier to be more thorough. But a problem that has plagued the cloud computing giants for some time is that certain VoIP products do not integrate with their programs, resulting in users having to constantly switch between applications, sometimes hundreds of times throughout the course of a single day.
And all of this lost time, although relatively insignificant amounts in isolation, quickly add up to numerous hours lost from every working week, resulting in entire weeks wasted across the course of a year.
But this new plug-in changes all that, by allowing inbound and outbound call handling from the same app, completely averting the need to constantly switch back and forth.
It also enables users to initiate calls with a single click from the SalesForce panel and automatically opens associated contact information for any incoming call - or creates a new lead if the number is not recognised. Not just saving you time, but doing the boring admin bit aswell!
All of which ensures that VoIP users will now not only be able to have the same experience as their non-VoIP counterparts, but will have an improved user experience thanks to the innovation and foresight of VoIPstudio.