California Hard Money Loans from Direct Premier Lender

Source Capital is the direct premier hard money lender based in San Diego. We offer hard money loans in California, Arizona & Minnesota.

Online PR News – 08-August-2014 – San Diego/California – Updated on July 11, 2015 - Source Capital is the direct premier lender that provides hard money loans to those who want to buy commercial and residential properties. Source Capital offers direct hard money loans for any type of residential properties like single or multi-families, owner-occupied and more or commercial real estate, be it for office, industrial, retail, apartments, etc. We directly process and guarantee all loans in our offices. In order to find best hard money lenders in California, you need to identify your needs. The money lender should be trustworthy and reliable. All you need to do is follow few simple steps to make sure you get the best hard money lender who can really take care of your needs. Please call us now at 888.334.6636 to get more info about California hard money lenders.

Traditional money lenders like banks and other financial institutions take relatively more time to approve your loan. They demand documents pertaining to every aspect of your finances, job, assets and more. Source Capital; on the other hand, are mostly concerned with the real estate that you will use as collateral. We ask you to submit some financial documents and even though, our decision is influenced by your life situation, it is largely based on the value of your collateral.

Ask your relatives, neighbors, friends and colleagues for suggestions regarding hard money lenders in California or United States as a whole. People who have applied for and used hard money will be in a better position to offer useful advice and to guide you with regards to the process and counsel you to take certain important precautions.
Source Capital a set of general terms and conditions to highlight what we offer, which includes:

• Loan Amount: $20,000 – $2,000,000
• Interest Rate: 8.99% to 11.99%
• Time Period: 6 months – 7 years
• Loan to Value: Up to 70%
• Points: 2.5 – 4
• No Prepayment Penalty
• Amortization: Interest Only
• There are no upfront and junk fees
• Collateral is Real Estate

Source capital has outstanding work relationships with borrowers, brokers and investors and make sure that there is a secure transaction in a timely fashion. We have created a solid reputation for ourselves by offering hard loans for real estate and are helping numerous borrowers, brokers and investors realize their business goals in a short period.