Greening Up the Podcasting World

The Green Up Girl, C S Wurzberger hosts a daily podcast series looks at green issues, features green products, spotlights green movement leaders.

Online PR News – 08-August-2014 – Wilmington, Vermont – The popularity of listening to podcasts are growing by record numbers according to USA Today; "iTunes has surpassed 1 billion subscriptions/downloads".

Podcasts are a FREE radio/television-like show that center around certain topics like business, kids & family, news & politics and now green lifestyle living. Shows can be downloaded to your computer, smart phone or mobile devise.

The Green Up Girl, C S Wurzberger is on a mission to inspire people to care for the earth and its animals with her daily podcast series Greener by Choice. This daily podcast series looks at green issues, features green products, spotlights green movement leaders who are making a difference all around the world.

Sadly, this world is not the world of our ancestors — a world that’s clean and garbage free, with an abundance of animals running free and crystal clear waters filled with fish and marine life.

It’s a world filled with mountains of trash both on land and in the ocean. Everywhere you look you see some sort of trash, papers and plastic water bottles laying on the ground or blowing in the wind.

Together we can team up and inspire each other to reduce the waste we put into the earth and save endangered animals from extinction.

The Green Up Girl is excited to provide real life stories, motivations inspirations and share simple action steps so everyone can enjoy living a greener, cleaner lifestyle.

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About The Green Up Girl

C S Wurzberger, The Green Up Girl is on a mission “to inspire people to care for the earth and it’s animals”. Her passion began when she was 10 years old. C S grew up in a small Vermont town and each year, on the first Saturday of May, her state would celebrate “Green Up Day” — a day when everyone would come together in their community to walk up and down each road, river and mountain side to pick up trash.

This day was one of her favorite days of the year. It was so exciting to see everyone pitching in. Seeing trash on the side of the road always bothered her. Especially when she heard stories and saw magazine pictures of birds being trapped in plastic soda rings, or hearing about how the garbage was polluting our water supply.

As a young child C S was so frustrated that she couldn’t do more to help.

Well, now she is older and thanks to the Internet has the resources to help make a difference.

Now, this brings us to present day and C S in the process of kicking off the biggest dream of her life. To travel the U.S. in her eco-friendly motorhome producing these Greener by Choice podcasts, hosting "Green Up Events” and providing resources and simple action steps so together we can enjoy living a greener lifestyle.

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Today, C S is so excited to bring you this daily podcast series. Each day she'll be here, ready to accompany you on your commute to work, your jog or walk around the park, bike ride, or any activity that requires a little inspiration.