BHM Successfully Launches Successful Transition to ACO Webinar

On August 1, 2014, BHM hosted its first in a series of ACO webinars entitled Succeeding as an ACO: A Guide to Transforming Your Organization.

Online PR News – 07-August-2014 – St. Louis, Missouri – BHM Healthcare Solutions hosted its initial webinar in their ACO series August 1, 2014 on Succeeding as an ACO: A Guide to Transforming Your Organization. Anthony Grimaldi, Senior Vice President of BHM’s Provider / Hospital Division and Gwen Roberts, Senior Vice President of BHM’s Government / Payer Division were the keynote speakers. They delivered a riveting presentation focusing on issues in which providers, payers, pharmaceutical companies and states need to be aware, address, and implement in order to successfully transform to an ACO, while remaining viable, profitable, and successful.

BHM would like to thank the 300 people who registered for the webinar, making it a huge success. BHM received accolades from many participants, expressing a desire to receive copies of the presentation to share with their colleagues and appreciated both the content and the delivery. One such participant said, “The most critical achievement for this to work is to effectively change the way providers behave. Mercy Hospital of St. Louis has been in the news today about losing the docs because they have changed / lowered their compensation but have increased the hospital's revenues now employing the physicians by charging patients and payers RVU payment from outpatient to inpatient - a great example of non-alignment within an ACO.”

The final ACO webinar checklist as to transition readiness includes the following questions:

• Do you have a complete understanding of the cost of care?

• Do you have a strategy to implement cost savings?

• Do you have the ability to track quality measures?

• How will you influence providers on quality measures?

• How will you engage patients?

• Do you have the tools/technology to share and access clinical and financial data outside of the organization?

• Does your organization facilitate physician alignment and leadership?

Anthony Grimaldi and Gwen Roberts possess a tremendous wealth of knowledge and are subject matter experts in the field of healthcare management consulting. They have a proven track record in helping BHM’s clients (providers, payers, and government entities) to achieve measurable goals and financial viability using a three-pronged approach encompassing clinical, operational, and financial perspectives.

About BHM Healthcare Solutions
BHM is a Healthcare Management Consulting firm whose specialty is optimizing profitability while improving care in a variety of health care settings. BHM has worked both nationally and internationally with managed care organizations, providers, hospitals, and insurers. In addition to this BHM offers a wide breadth of services including managed care consulting, strategic planning and organizational analysis, accreditation consulting, financial consulting for healthcare, physician advisor/peer review, and organizational development.

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