Popular Brain AR App Goes Virtual

The Brain App, the anatomy Augmented Reality app, has been enhanced with new features including a VR mode allowing users to see neurons at work in 360 degrees.

Online PR News – 08-August-2014 – Biggleswade, Beds. – Initially released on 31st July 2013, the success of the Augmented Reality Brain App was a great base point for us, providing a platform to develop the app further. Since then, in the midst of other projects, our developers have worked closely with the Brain app extending it to go beyond the norms of a mere application. The new version features a host of new updates, including a new Virtual Reality interface, allowing users to see further than the confides of a smart phone or tablet, with the use of Durovis Dive goggles; similar to Google's Oculus Rift. As well as new improvements allowing users to switch instantaneously between the brain in 3D and Augmented Reality, along with improvements in visuals and audio, the upcoming app is in a different league to the previous version.

With the masses of apps on the current market, it is becoming less and less common to find an app you can literally get wrapped up in, but with the upcoming implementations to the Harmony Brain App the difference between virtual and reality is unnoticeable. Now with the available option to use the Dive hands-free Virtual Reality headset, users are placed in a virtual world in which they can engage with the Brain in an entirely revolutionary way. Through the usage of the goggles, users become inner-spectators seeing the active neuronal framework of the human brain, which will be particularly helpful for our University academics. But moving out of the virtual world, users will still be able to view the neuron experience without the headset with the improved visual textures, making the performance of the app much smoother. The Harmony development team have implemented all manor of new features to make the 2nd version the best it could possibly be.

Further new features include the ability to share any aspect of the app to social networks, so that users can update the app to their networks whenever they feel like. Furthering the synergy between the app and the user.

The app is available on both I0S and Android markets.

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