New You Med Spa Announces 98% Worth-It Rating for Excessive Sweating Treatment MiraDry

New You Med Spa is in the business of making people look and feel better. They are proud to announce success with the excessive sweating treatment MiraDry.

Online PR News – 07-August-2014 – Davisville, Toronto – New You Med Spa, the number one local name in high-quality medical spa treatments and services, is pleased to announce continued success with the innovative excessive-sweating treatment MiraDry, which was recently awarded a 98 percent Worth It rating from the readers of

MiraDry is offered by New You Med Spa professionals to provide clients relief from the excessive sweat that is often cause by a person’s underarm sweat glands. A non-invasive and precise excessive sweat treatment, MiraDry works to eliminate these sweat glands without pain or discomfort, providing an almost instant reduction in the client’s sweat right after their MiraDry treatment. The New You Med Spa team is proud to include the MiraDry technology in their amazing line of health and beauty services, helping to make them an even more comprehensive and effective medical spa and treatment center.

By eliminating the sweat glands during just one MiraDry treatment, New You Med Spa professionals are able to help clients experience more confidence than ever before. Since the MiraDry removal of sweat glands is so fast and effective, clients will be without the frustration and worry of excessive underarm sweat for the rest of their lives, allowing them to engage in social functions, job interviews and more without the apprehension of unsightly sweat stains or embarrassment.

The New You Med Spa team brought the MiraDry technology into their extensive line of high-quality services because they genuinely believe in the treatment’s effectiveness; MiraDry’s ability to satisfy the client’s excessive sweat treatment needs in just one simple and affordable visit. By delivering precisely-controlled energy to the affected area, New You Med Spa professionals can effectively target a client’s most affected region, using a painless and accurate excessive sweating treatment to return confidence and smiles to patients throughout the region.

New You Med Spa seeks to provide every client a safe, noninvasive and cost effective beauty and health treatment option that will help look and feel better almost immediately. They understand that excessive sweating affects millions of Americans every year, and that excessive sweating can become a major hindrance to one’s confidence and lifestyle. New You Med Spa wants nothing more than to see every client walk away happy, confident and satisfied, which is why they will offer the amazing benefits of MIraDray well into the future.

New You Med Spa also an array of amazing beauty and health rejuvenation treatments, ranging from laser aesthetics and skin rejuvenation to body contouring, dental aesthetics and more. They care about giving their clients the opportunity to improve their looks, confidence and appearance through effective, safe and proven techniques and treatments that are truly the envy of the beauty spa industry.

New You Med Spa professionals want you to be able to avoid the embarrassment often associated with excessive sweating, and for you to have a more positive outlook and self-image. Their treatments can help you get the body, skin and confidence you deserve, and can be one of the best decisions you ever make for yourself and your appearance.

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