Mark Remley's Travel History Has Reached One Hundred Cities

Mark Remley has traveled to one hundred cities.

Online PR News – 07-August-2014 – San Diego, CA – When traveling across the world to connect with and talk to performers, trainers, and directors from all different countries, Mark Remley earned a lifetime achievement. Mark Remley travelled to his one hundredth city during his last international visit, and it looks like he’s all set to continue increasing that number. Making his travels somewhat more impressive than those of the average “hundredth city traveler,” Mark Remley spent several months travelling to countries like Mongolia and France. While there, he was able to find performers to be in his show, Valitar, and bring them back to San Diego for the premiere.

From Mongolia, Mark Remley was able to talk with contortionist Uuguntuya “Ugi” Otgonbayar and get a commitment to Valitar. Ugi is one of the foremost contortionists in the world, earning the bronze medal in an international competition held in Monte Carlo in 2010. Mongolia, apart from being the home of a famous contortionist, is one of the larger countries in Asia, and has been inextricably linked with its famous historical conqueror Genghis Khan. Khan was the architect of the largest contiguous land empire ever, and remains one of the most recognizable names from Mongolian culture. In modern times, the country is still home to largely nomadic people and remains difficult to farm due to its topography.


Mark Remley’s visit to France is linked to Bernard Quental, a famous horse trainer who agreed to come to San Diego for Valitar. Quental has 26 years of professional experience with horses performing in internationally acclaimed shows. Mark Remley hoped Quental’s vast experience would bring Valitar the same levels of success that some of his other projects had enjoyed.

There are many famous sites to see in France, specifically in the capital city of Paris. Mark Remley enjoyed visiting the Eiffel Tower, the Cathedral of Notre Dame, and the Louvre. Some other sites of interest included the famous church St. Chapel, the Rodin Museum, and Versailles outside of Paris.

For Quental, Otgonbayar, and many other international performers, the shift from their homelands to San Diego was jarring. San Diego is known for its temperate climate, its famous zoo, and the beaches up and down the coast. For this particular group, it was the closest big city to their temporary home for the performance of Valitar. The show itself was held in the Fairgrounds at Del Mar, in a 45,000 square foot Big Top tent to accommodate the anticipated audiences. Del Mar is known for its beautiful beaches, and it is certain that Mark Remley and his wife Tatyana enjoyed those beaches with a few of their foreign acquaintances.

While Mark Remley is no longer travelling to find performers for Valitar, he has not given up the travelling life altogether. Mark Remley owns several properties in cities throughout the US, and so travels between them often, occasionally stopping in a new city to add to his list. The next goal for Mark Remley’s city count is said to be 500 cities. This goal may take him considerably longer but if Mark Remley continues to have international dealings, it may arrive sooner than expected.

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