Roger Pollock Has Tips for Working With Nonprofits

Roger Pollock says nonprofits must recognize the volunteers that are essential to their work.

Online PR News – 07-August-2014 – Lake Oswego, OR – Roger Pollock is a successful Oregon real estate developer who has started and run two successful companies in his home state. He is also a committed philanthropist whose Profit Partners program has helped many nonprofit organizations that are working toward the greater good.

As Roger Pollock knows, nonprofit organizations are almost always in need of funds. And so he set up Profit Partners to do what he can to help them. One of the causes closest to his heart is drug abuse prevention, and he has been a longtime supporter of the St. Mary's Home for Boys in Beaverton, Oregon. His support for St. Mary's goes beyond just financial, however. He has mentored young people there for the last five years.

Roger Pollock says that some people are confused by the terms "nonprofit" and "not-for-profit." He says that legally speaking, the terms are essentially interchangeable in most places. There is, however, a difference. Not-for-profits usually serve a relatively small group that is focused on a hobby or a sport, while nonprofits are usually associated with social or political issues, are bigger and more organized, and sometimes have a charter and a board that officially represents the group.


Roger Pollock is hopeful about his work with Profit Partners and believes that all the volunteer work he has done will make a difference. "Every day I get excited about the positive things that we have been able to do through the program," he says. "It's really gratifying to hear the success stories."

But he has learned that nonprofit volunteers don't always work out. Sometimes they even end up quitting after just a few shifts. Roger Pollock says it's important to find out just what volunteers want from their experience with a nonprofit, and try to match them with whatever skills they bring to the table.

By the same token, Roger Pollock says it's important to explain to each volunteer exactly what their place in the nonprofit organization is, even if it means telling them they'll be stuck doing mundane tasks like photocopying long documents.

This can be balanced out, says Roger Pollock, by trying to create a fun atmosphere in which to work. It doesn't have to be a prolonged party, but if there is a way to inject a little lightheartedness into the volunteer's shift, like playing music, it could help a lot.

One of the issues that matter most to Roger Pollock is that of drug abuse. "My favorite cause is anything to do with preventing substance abuse," he says, "and helping people recover from addiction." He has become a popular and influential speaker on the issue at high schools, colleges, and other institutions. And his Profit Partners program has helped groups like Oregon Partnership in fulfilling their missions. "The donations we have received as a result of the Buena Vista Profit Partners," said Oregon Partnership's Judy Cushing, "have been instrumental in keeping our drug and alcohol prevention programs functioning."

The selfless efforts by Roger Pollock on behalf of so many Oregon nonprofit organizations have been recognized with numerous awards, including the St. Vincent DePaul Treatment Center's "Freedom" award.

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