FindURClass - An interview with Vandita Singh, a popular Personality Development & Image Consultant

Read the interview of Vandita Singh, founder of TIA, The Image Academy, Mumbai, as he explains all about personality development & image consulting.

Online PR News – 10-August-2014 – Mumbai/Maharashtra – We are always known by the way we carry ourselves & our personality. The most important points are – The way you talk, behave & dress up. A confident person is assertive, confident, successful & a good conversationalist.

Sometimes, you need to transform yourself according to the career you choose. Be it a corporate world, airlines or any other sector. Agree?

Recently, FindURClass interviewed Vandita Singh, founder of TIA, The Image Academy. She spoke to us on different aspects of personality development & image consulting. She spoke of one very important point binding both of them – Confidence.

1) How did the journey begin?

A - Basically, I was an air hostess for 10 years and based in Singapore. Being an observant person, I noticed a lot of things about people. According to my observation, although we are very good per-say, our appearance, behaviour & communication isn’t very presentable. The treatment given to Indian passengers is very different from others. At the same time, I was looking for a career change. Knowing my skill set, experience & the knowledge I have, I thought this career (image management) would be right for me. I am also keen on helping people to completely transform themselves. Thus, TIA happened.

2) There are lots of Image institutes existing & are coming up. What makes TIA special?

A - As an image consulting & training centre based in Powai. This is a Singapore registered company and I have worked in this company for 3 years. So, the curriculum and standards are international. In 2011, we decided to open a branch in Mumbai. The USP of TIA is – we conduct one-on-one sessions, we have allotted every student of TIA, a separate room. These points are extremely necessary in the process of personal image transformation. Thus, TIA has a larger efficacy compared to any other image institute.

3) TIA has a large number of students. How has your relationship been with them?

A - TIA has had a mixed crowd – comprising of adults & teenagers. After training them, people have succeeded in their respective careers and students who wanted to pursue further education, have been successful in their interviews and enrolled themselves in prestigious institutes. Also, since its Mumbai and home to almost every Bollywood actor, we have had students like Milind Soman, Sonali Kulkarni. They had come to a point in their life where they needed to change some aspect of their personality. I consulted them and they have taken it seriously. As far as corporate clients are concerned, corporates of HP, IBM, Nokia-Siemens, and TCS was consulted by TIA.

4) Would you like to share any special tips about Image consulting with our readers?

A - I do have a lot of people coming to TIA and asking me, they want to become more confident. My idea of confidence is that it is not a product, you cannot buy it. It’s all interlinked. The biggest tip I can give to change your personality or change your image is – You need to look after your appearance, behaviour, communication. You need to have good dining etiquette, which when summarized makes you a globally recognized Indian citizen. Hence, they are very important and imperative in transforming your image.

5) Apart from TIA, what hobbies do you pursue & like doing in your free time?

A - I want to explore unseen places of India. I was out of India for a lot of time & just returned about 3 years back. I also want to visit countries outside India. Apart from travelling, I want to try various adventure and sporting activities like paragliding, skydiving & archery. I am fond of collecting vintage jewellery, books, and clothes. I do a lot of research on image consultancy & personality development. Finally, I would like to study further in this field and perhaps do a PHD someday.

6) What’s your motivation?

A - My biggest motivating factor has to be all my clients. Whatever we teach them when they utilize it and come back to us saying how it has magically improved their lives. I am also the happiest when we get repeat enrollments and a big motivation. I do come from a defense background. My father was serving in the Indian Army. My brother is presently in the Indian Army. My younger brother gave his life for the country. I am doing this because I know this is a sure way of serving my country. It would be a heartwarming moment looked at us differently in terms of behaviour, communication & appearance with a little effort from me.

7) Any comments on

A - I would like to humbly thank to come to TIA, also giving us an opportunity to enrol ourselves and giving us a chance to get to be known by people. You’re doing a wonderful job. Sometimes, it’s difficult to find classes and enrol ourselves in it. But, thanks to you’ll, half of our jobs are done. Thanks once again.