Apps Mav Launches Facebook Marketing Management Solutions for Small Business

Apps Mav is now extending its Facebook Marketing expertise to small businesses, helping them generate leads and customers via Facebook.

Online PR News – 08-August-2014 – New South Wales, Australia – Only a decade ago, if someone had to promote his brand, traditional advertisement modes like hoardings, billboards etc. were chosen. Internet was hardly looked upon as an effective tool of promotion. Today, it is comparatively easy to imagine rivers in the desert, corruption free nations, peace in the Gulf, and the honest tax payers. But a day without internet, for many, is far more dreaded than our depleting ozone layer!

The advent of social media marketing platforms, especially Facebook, has made internet all the more precious and indispensable. Social podiums are the new billboards, to show the world what you’ve got! When it comes to brand promotion, new product launch etc. traditional advertising tools are no match for social networking sites. Word spreads faster on Facebook than wild fire! In many ways, it will not be wrong to call Facebook the latest and fastest word of mouth.

For small businesses, Facebook offers an unlimited scope of reaching out to a variety of different audiences. An interesting survey suggests that in comparison to T.V and radio, it took Facebook just 12 months to reach out to 300 million people. It is an ideal platform to blow your trumpet and promote your business.

Social media is all about continuous activity. If it’s not buzzing, then it’s not happening! This is the basic theme circling around Facebook Marketing Management. Having a business online is not enough anymore. To make your presence felt, you need to go an extra mile and connect with your fans. The more you keep them hooked and engaged to your Facebook Business page, the more the chances are about retaining and converting them into loyal customers.

Apps Mav's Facebook Marketing Management services have been designed keeping in mind small and medium-sized business needs. There is a Facebook Marketing service option for every budget. Brands can choose between DIY Facebook Marketing, DFY Facebook Marketing, and Corporate Facebook Marketing Solutions.

About Apps Mav

Maverick Mav is the brainchild behind Apps Mav. Over the years, it has gained a reputation of merging big ideas with amazing Facebook Apps. Our highly interactive off-the-shelf Facebook Apps have revolutionised the way people conceived social media marketing. Backed by Maverick Mav’s expertise and experience, Apps Mav is dedicated to supporting your business goals and to helping you grow your business via Social Media and Facebook Marketing.

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