Announcing a Wig Fundraiser for Single Mom with Breast Cancer

Houston, TX – August 6, 2014 – Imagine a kind, patient, beautiful woman

Online PR News – 07-August-2014 – Houston – Houston, TX – August 6, 2014 – Imagine a kind, patient, beautiful woman that also happens to be your best friend. When she isn’t laughing out loud at some goofy story, you could find her at work convincing someone their cell phone sucks, exercising but only by putting on the exercise clothes and laying back down, or updating everyone on Facebook about her latest meal…. Thanks by the way ;-)
But most likely you’ll find her being one of the best moms I’ve ever met. Helping with homework, doctor’s appointments, cooking dinner, paying the mortgage, going to school functions, taking pictures and videos, watching movies she’s seen a hundred times because her kids like it, everything. A single mom badass one woman army.
Now imagine that this wonderful person’s world completely changed with the diagnosis of cancer, then later a second diagnosis of breast cancer. Imagine her struggling with the very real possibility of not being around to watch the kids she’d sacrificed everything for grow up without her, then her being brave and patient and trusting god. She then goes through painful and difficult surgery and starts to recover. Now after all of that picture her going to a follow up appointment and being told by doctors that the cancer has spread and she will now need Chemotherapy for a year, maybe more, and to top it off she would not be able to work full time and support her family due to the side effects. That is exactly what happened to my best friend, Beatriz. Many of you know her or know of her and her fight. Some of the things she will now have to deal with are: nausea, fatigue, memory changes, skin and nail changes, and also the loss of her hair. Fortunately, that last one has a solution: wigs. Don’t know about you, but I did not realize how expensive wigs are, and how it was recommended to have more than one in case of an emergency or accident. I have attempted in every way to take some of the world’s weight off of her shoulders, I would trade places with her in a moment if I could to save her kids the concern and fear they have experienced. But I can’t. None of us can. What we can do however, is come together; friends, family, loved ones, strangers, everyone to help raise funds so that she can buy herself some nice wigs. Something that will make her look and feel as courageous as she has been.
My best friend needs this win. She deserves this win. After the year that she has had and depths of struggle that she has experienced, it would bring her so much joy. Not just so she can purchase the wigs, but that we ALL came together as a group to show her how much we care. I’m sure that will mean the most.
To learn more about Beatriz or to help fund this project, please visit:

Beatriz Diaz
Houston, TX