RingLead releases Unique Entry Version 3 on the Salesforce AppExchange

RingLead releases Unique Entry Version 3 on the Salesforce AppExchange

Online PR News – 07-August-2014 – Huntington, NY – RingLead has announced that Unique Entry 3 is now available on the AppExchange, salesforce.com’s marketplace for B2B applications, that build upon Salesforce’s Force.com platform. This is the third major release of Unique Entry, the first and only application on the AppExchange to check for and to alert users of the possible duplicates, as they are being entered into Salesforce. Unique Entry is one of RingLead’s most popular products within their full suite of data quality products for CRM and marketing automation.
The latest product release enables Salesforce administrators to manipulate and customize the algorithm to find duplicates. Organizations can select the fields to define the duplicates and determine the importance of each field during their duplicate detection process.

Comment on the News

“We made a lot of buzz when we first introduced Unique Entry, but this next release should generate much more than the original release. Dirty data is one of the biggest challenges for CRM users, so they love the time savings and user experience that Unique Entry offers.”

- Michael Farrington
Chief Product Officer, RingLead

Product Key Features

In real-time, as information is being manually entered into Salesforce, Unique Entry will seek possible duplicates based on the information entered so far and alert the User immediately.

Saves time when entering data and preserves data integrity.
Force.com native app, installs quickly and easily.
Mimics your custom Page Layouts. Users may not even know they’re using it... until a duplicate notification pleasantly surprises them.
New! Customize duplicate matching criteria

Designed by Michael Farrington, RingLead Chief Product Officer, Salesforce MVP and Force.com MVP, Unique Entry uses the latest Force.com technology to provide you with three Visualforce Pages used to override the “New” buttons on your Account, Contact, and/or Lead objects. These pages mimic your custom Page Layouts (per Record Type and Profile mappings, of course) so the app is transparent unless it finds one or more possible duplicates.

Anybody can get started with a free trial by downloading from the Salesforce AppExchange: https://appexchange.salesforce.com/listingDetail?listingId=a0N30000003KGFdEAO

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About RingLead
RingLead is a salesforce.com ISV partner that provides duplicate prevention and deduplication applications to users of Salesforce CRM. Founded in 2004, RingLead has honed its technology after eight years of analyzing huge volumes of data for enterprises both large and small. RingLead's proprietary duplicate detection algorithm has been updated and improved after years of analyzing huge volumes of data for enterprises large and small, and gives users the ability to automatically identify existing duplicates and prevent the creation of duplicate records. For more information, please visit www.RingLead.com.